3 Tips for Mastering Eclipse Season

We’re right in the middle of eclipse season. Are you feeling the intensity? Are you seeing the lessons the stars are curating for you? Are you getting extra clear on what you want and what you don’t want to have hold you back any longer?


Eclipse season is a serious window for magic. It’s a time when the moon, sun and the north & south nodes of the moon are all aligned. The north node represents where our souls are heading over the course of this human journey. It represents our dharma, purpose and what balance we need to have right with ourselves to fulfill our missions.

The south node is the karmic past, our stories, where we’ve come from. The south represents the shadow side of our selves, our past. The old addictive patterns, the parts of ourselves that are afraid to grow. In these times of eclipses, we get a peek into what old, outdated energies are holding us captive from the freedom of our dreams. Here are the crutches that we’ve been leaning on that keep us safe but incredibly small—and short of our true mission here on earth.


I love eclipse season because it’s a stark time for endings and new beginnings. Think Kali energy suddenly exploding and burning away what’s not in alignment, what’s toxic and limiting you from true soul growth.


Eclipses are extra powerful times for setting intention, ceremony and release rituals. 


They are a time of expedited healing, growth and offer the opportunity for rapid growth. They plant the seed for the next 6 months so we usually see the impact of whatever we work on now, by the end of the eclipse impact cycle.


So what are the best ways to master the extra intense energies of these eclipses?

1. Practice Radical Self Care- take time for yourself and simply be with all the emotions and energies coming up.


It’s cancer season, which is a water sign, the archetype of the crab. Hard shell on the outside, soft underbelly, super intuitive and tapped into the unconscious. Cancer rules the home, loves family, retreat, and needs time for self-nurturing. This is the top way to feel in balance, love on the self and honor what emotions and lessons are coming up. 


2. Identify the themes coming up to teach you. See where you can let go of old habits, co-dependencies, and situations that are holding you back from what you’re really here to do. Notice what’s out of balance and decide what it is that you really want in your life, and don’t want. Weed out the things that are bringing you more grief than joy, more frustration than support. Eclipses bring abrupt changes and endings. And it’s usually a good thing even if it hurts.


So grieve it out and let it go. Notice what’s coming up for you and surrender to how this cycle is trying to help you purge the old. 

3. Create a ritual and ceremony for yourself to really harness and shift the energy within and without. When you put your intentions into action and show the universe what you what to make space for, you end up working in alignment with these ecliptic cycles of purging and releasing so you can start planting new seeds that you’ll see bear fruit come the harvest season this Autumn.


Last Tuesday, on the 2nd we had the first Cancer new moon eclipse, starting off the eclipse season. On the 16-17th we’ve got the last, full moon eclipse in Capricorn, which may bring about some big emotions and big changes that are all trying to help you open, release and grow in mega leaps and bounds.


After studying with the Shipibo people in the Amazon jungle I realized that one of their main approaches to healing illness, pent up energy and emotions in the body is to PURGE them. To eject them out. Because if you think about it, we’re constantly in a state of consumption. With media, food, fluids, pollutants, unexpressed emotions, energy others project onto us or that we TAKE on. 


And we need physical outlets to let the toxins out. The energies we don’t need to carry anymore.

And out of the 12 plants in the Amazon jungle I studied, Dragons Blood has continued to reign as my favorite transformative plant to work with because it zeros in on those toxic emotions, parasites, build up of toxins, and pulls them out. It’s a rapid ascension master plant that helps you do some seriously deep work in a short amount of time, just like these eclipses!

Sundays July 21st & July 28th are my next and final Dragon’s Blood Ceremonies for the season (in Brooklyn) until October because I’m getting Married!!!


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Jenna shared:

“Thank you so much for the Dragon’s Blood session yesterday. I am honestly so grateful to know you...your work is life changing! I am amazing. I am feeling huge shifts already in how I am in my relationship, and in life! My heart is so open. And I am so clear!”

The next dates in Brooklyn are:

Wanna brush up on the benefits of Dragon’s Blood? Read the Registration Information Below and Check out the webinar I did for you HERE:

Dragons blood is a powerful, safe and well-researched plant medicine used all over the world for clearing the body of unwanted parasites, illnesses, and energetic blocks. We use Dragon's Blood as a purgative to physically release energies from the body that are parasitic and blocking your success. Check out my website to learn more about the many amazing benefits of Dragon’s Blood!

Note: As these are purgative style workshops you will be physically inducing the release of toxins from the body. Three ceremonies are STRONGLY recommended within a season for optimal results. Two sessions are NEEDED to clear out all life cycles of physical parasites. This is why dates are scheduled 2 weekends in a row to facilitate this clearing process.

The ceremonies include a guided, safe experience working with the Dragon's Blood medicine, a nourishing vegan meal, shamanic sounds healing experience, and a guided shamanic drumming journey to connect in more fully with your intuition, the medicine, and yourself!

Space is limited for the sacred ceremony, so please RSVP by securing your spot with your payment. Please be committed to enrolling in the workshop as no refunds will be offered in case of a no-show or last minute cancellations. One of the main symptoms of parasites is that they cause anxiety and try to sabotage you from showing up. This is common and pre-workshop anxiety is normal and indicates you have the energy to release that wants to hold on and block you from success!


Dragon’s Blood IS RIGHT FOR YOU if:
-You have Physical or Energetic Parasites and want to CLEAR THEM
-You want an extra PUSH to SHIFT Your ENERGY
-You Are Ready to END food cravings, bloating and parasitic squatters
-You want to Reset Your Body, Mind, and Spirit
-You Are Ready to DROP Blocks and Bullshit
-You are Ready to End old cycles of trauma and call in YOUR POWER
-PURGE negative vibes for GOOD


Then, me and my fiancé, Jonathan, are hitting the road on our honeymoon journey to the west coast to get married at burning man! We’ll be offering ceremonies in Portland, Oregon / Grants Pass, Oregon / and Tucson, Az and getting married on August 28th in the desert! 

We’re still raising money for our wedding trip to the alter adventure and are graciously accepting donations to make our trip possible. Anything’s helps and if you feel called to support us feel free to send donations here:

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And make sure to visit our wedding page to see how you can follow us on our journey of holy matrimony foxtrottoburningman

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Dragon’s Blood Ceremony Registration

1. Review the SAFETY LIST below.
2. If you are clear of the lists below, you may make a payment to reserve your seat in the next upcoming circles.
*Note: 3 Sessions are recommended for optimal results. 2 sessions (7 days apart) are needed to kill all life cycles of physical parasites entirely.
4. Complete the Health Form (sent to you after registering), also accessible here: Link to the google form
5. Read the Preparation Guidelines (sent to you after registering).

Dragon’s Blood is safe and effective natural plant medicine used for many ailments, taken internally and externally. It is non-toxic and can be used as a powerful purgative agent when received from an experienced practitioner. Nonetheless, there are some situations where the medicine is not safe or recommended. Therefore, please review the following precautions.

Dragon’s Blood IS RIGHT FOR YOU if:
-You have Physical or Energetic Parasites and want to CLEAR THEM
-You want an extra PUSH to SHIFT Your ENERGY
-You Are Ready to END food cravings, bloating and parasitic squatters
-You want to Reset Your Body, Mind and Spirit
-You Are Ready to DROP Blocks and Bullshit
-You are Ready to End old cycles of trauma and call in YOUR POWER
-PURGE negative vibes for GOOD

You are NOT ELIGIBLE to receive Dragon’s Blood treatment at this time if:
-Under 18 years old without parental consent
- Severe mental illness
- Severe epilepsy
- If pregnant or suspecting pregnancy
- If breastfeeding a baby
- Any heart issues: heart surgery, blood clots, previously suffered a stroke, etc.
-If you aren’t serious about stepping into your power and aren’t willing to fully show up

- If you are in the advanced stages of any disease
- Extremely physically fragile
- Very low blood pressure
- Over 70 years of age

If you want to learn more see my video HERE!

And if you’re already ALL IN you can reserve your seat for the next circles Here




I’m also offering private Dragon’s Blood/Soul Retrieval Ceremonies by private booking. If you’re looking for deep clearing and transformation this is the right work for you! In this private healing session, we go deep into releasing physical, emotional, and mental blocks with the help of the Dragon’s Blood plant. After the completion of the purgative ceremony I support you with a 1:1 shamanic healing session where we go deep to the root of unwanted patterns and up-level your entire vibration. Each session includes a unique-to-you combination of soul retrieval (wholeness here we come!), energy clearing (say goodbye to those dirty demons!), Chakra balancing (so you can come into your fullest alignment), past life healing (understand the lessons and erase negative, repetitious patterns) & ancestral healing (so you and your family can be set free from what’s unconsciously been holding you back from positive growth!

Book your private session HERE

I’m excited to now offer Private Couples Dragon’s Blood Ceremonies for pairs ready to release the baggage, banish the blocks and step deeper into love together. Because couples who UP-Level together, GROW Together! And Dragon’s Blood flushes all the relationship bullshit out!

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