"It’s become my personal mission to educate, inspire, and empower those who’ve been touched by all forms of trauma to reclaim their inner power and shift old, unwanted patterns out of their lives once and for all."

It often takes going through the tough stuff—the dark at night of the soul—to fundamentally change whom we are and how we view the world. Some call this the shadow, the wounds most people run from or repress which—one faced—can bring us the most power and make us the best candidates to assist others going through their own processes of transformation, once these wounds are healed and integrated. I could go on and on about how I have a Bachelors in Psychology, a Masters degree in Creative Arts Therapies, my Certificate for Holistic Nutritional Counseling, how I’ve studied with 10 different shamanic healers, some of which who are still living in un-industrialized, indigenous communities, or my fieldwork assisting substance abusers with mental illness at psychiatric facilities—all of which are actual parts of my resume. Yet the real training qualifying me to empower those who have suffered from trauma are my unique set of challenging life experiences that have shaped who I am today. Oh…and a TON of soul retrieval!

Perhaps I, more than most people, know how dull life is when you’re walking around like an empty shell, missing huge pieces of your soul, because of trauma. I grew up as a very sensitive and empathic child in a very rigid, let’s not talk about our feelings and pretend everything is okay even when it’s not, fundamentalist Christian home. For a period of 4 years I was repeatedly sexually abused by a neighbor, something that went to court but wasn’t, at the time, adequately addressed on an emotional level. I suffered from digestive disorders, systemic allergies and illness, all of which I now realize had a lot to do with how I was stuffing my feelings down and disassociating from what had happened to me.

I grew up chasing the fantasy of a happily ever after relationship—one that would sweep me off my feet and protect me from the trauma of my past, present and future—and, as a result, I ended up marrying a complete sociopath who presented as one who could live up to my fantasies of escape. Soon after we were married, my husband abruptly emptied my bank account and disappeared. It wasn’t until then that I started to see the pattern of trauma, loss of personal power in my life and where it had all left me.

Based on a dare from some of my childcare colleagues (the easiest job I could land during my rocky marriage), I took up employment as a dominatrix in a Manhattan commercial dungeon to stay afloat in the wake of financial devastation. Ironically, it was in the dungeon where I realized that all my clients were bringing up stories of trauma they were desperately trying to work out in our sessions. It was through my academic lens and a bizarre set of circumstances that I really began to understand the impact of trauma and develop myself as a healer.

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What I found so compelling about the collective therapies I’d offered through talk therapy, work at a Chemical Dependency Outpatient Psych Hospital, art and movement therapies, and my clients at the dungeon is that they all seemed to be stuck in the same patterns from past traumas. They’d talk about the experiences that’d left them damaged. They’d draw images of their pain and act it out with me in psychodrama sessions, but something always left them blocked from fully regaining their power. Often, they knew exactly what was missing but had no means of reclaiming and utilizing their lost power. As I grew apart from my work in the dungeon, it led to the powerful healing modality of soul retrieval—which has forever changed my life.

I was able to heal myself through soul retrieval from the traumas that had previously enslaved me. I regained my power, joy, and the essence of who I was before the trauma changed me. For the first time in my life I began to feel alive, vibrant, and awake!

I began integrating soul retrieval into my holistic healing practice with clients and saw their lives change both powerfully and rapidly. In my experience and through the various modalities I’ve been trained in, soul retrieval has been the most direct avenue to complete healing. This is because it addresses deeply rooted holistic issues and returns vitality more quickly and directly than any other method of healing, nutrition, or psychotherapy that I have ever practiced. Soul retrieval has played such a central role in my own healing that I am delighted to offer this work to my clients as a solid foundation for any healing regiment. While I offer a unique combination of counseling techniques, holistic nutritional coaching and spiritual healing, I find that the greatest tool in my arsenal is soul retrieval.

It’s become my personal mission to educate, inspire, and empower those who’ve been touched by all forms of trauma to reclaim their inner power and shift old, unwanted patterns out of their lives once and for all.

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