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Dragon’s Blood, or Croton lechleri is a tree that grows in the Amazon jungle. Its outstretching branches resemble root structures and it’s branches the head of a dragon, but what it’s most famously known for is its tree sap which looks like blood!

When the tree is cut, its sap begins to drip and bleed like a wound and was historically believed to be the ancient spirit of dragons who’d died in combat. This evergreen species can be found in many regions of the world including the Canary Islands, Peru, Equator, Bolivia, Columbia, Arabia, and Africa.

 In the jungle the shamans spoke about Sangre de Grado as a multi purpose healing plant. They primarily used Dragon’s Blood for its intestinal cleansing abilities, for its ability to purge unwanted parasites and bring the body’s ecosystem back into balance. They taught me the value of using the blood colored sap to heal scars, cuts, and skin discoloration, but later learned that the deeply healing sap could also be used to treat cancerous sores, athlete’s foot, and other internal and external maladies.

 After I left the jungle and began researching the health benefits of this amazing tree I was blown away to learn exactly how many curative benefits this plant provided. I was amazed to discover just how highly medicinal this plant really is!

 I learned that drinking the medicinal sap could cure all sorts of stomach issues, balance Candida gut issues and boost collagen growth. It’s an effective treatment for Crohn’s Disease, leaky gut, minimizing wrinkles and healing bacterial infections, just to name a few. A derivative made from the Croton lechleri plant has even been FDA approved for treating gastric ulcers in HIV patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy.

And best of all it is non-toxic and you can’t O.D. on it (although taking it to relieve parasites definitely makes you feel nauseous because you’re killing all the parasitic critters leaching off your life force)!

Dragon’s Blood is also super high (like ridiculously high) in antioxidants, clocking in at 2,897,110 units per 100 grams. That’s 2.8 Billion units on the ORAC scale! The ORAC scale (or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) compares levels of antioxidants in certain foods to determine their antioxidant levels. Compare that to pomegranates at 10,500 units or Acai berries at 18,400 units per 100g. Dragon’s blood is one powerful medicine!

So let’s talk benefits…

What’s Dragon’s Blood good for anyway?

 Well…Used topically, Dragon’s Blood is:

·      Anti-inflammatory

·      Anti-septic, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial

·  Cleans and heals wounds rapidly by helping the body to produce more collagen to cover and heal the wound quickly (like a natural band-aid)

·      Stops bleeding

·      Heals fungal infections (athlete’s foot, Candida causing rashes)

·      Decreases fine lines and wrinkles

·      Boosts collagen and gives skin a more youthful appearance

·      Heals scars and lessens their appearance

·      Prevents Herpes 1 and 2 breakouts if used in the onset of developing lesions

·      Heals hemorrhoids

·      Inhibits the growth of skin cancer cells in studies treating melanoma


Used internally Dragon’s Blood is:

·      Anti-viral

·      Anti-bacterial

·      Anti-fungal

·      Anti-parasitic

·      May be Anti-cancerous (based on cited scientific research below)

·      Shrinks tumor growth

·      Protects the body from radiation (great for travel)

·      Anti-diarrheal

·      Increases blood flow to the brain and protects the body from neuro-degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Disease

·      Heals the gut lining, stomach ulcers, Crohn’s Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

·      May help prevent diabetes by inhibiting the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars in the digestive tract

·      Builds bone strength and bone mineralization

·      Supports immune system function

·      Reduces inflammation

·      Heals receding gum lines

Something else I noticed after years of working with Dragon’s Blood is that it has the ability to clear the patient of energetic blockages just as easily as it clears out physical toxins when done in a traditional, ceremonial way.

I want to invite you for the opportunity Join me for my sacred (Shipibo style) Dragon’s Blood Ceremonies to Assist in Clearing both Physical and Energetic Parasites in these half-day workshops which I offer to groups, couples and individuals seeking deep levels of physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.

Dragon’s Blood IS RIGHT FOR YOU if:

  • -You Have Physical or Energetic Parasites and Want to CLEAR THEM

  • -You Want an Extra PUSH to SHIFT Your ENERGY 

  • -You Are Ready to END Food Cravings, Bloating and Parasitic Squatters 

  • -You Want to Reset Your Body, Mind and Spirit 

  • -You Are Ready to DROP Blocks and Bullshit

  • -You are Ready to End Old Cycles of Trauma and Call in YOUR POWER 

  • -PURGE Negative Vibes for GOOD

If you’re interested in working with dragons blood within this sacred container let’s make a date! I combine my soul retrieval healing work with 1:1 private dragons blood sessions and offer couples dragons blood sessions too. I also offer group ceremonials at an affordable cost.

This is Deep Work and offers opportunity for deep transformation. I do NOT recommend that you take this parasitic purging approach alone. This is a sacred  transformational ceremony and I do not advise anyone to do this level of work without the assistance of an experienced practitioner working in sacred alliance with the traditions of this plant medicine. Things come up that need assistance with energetic clearing and may be very difficult to clear on your own without the ceremonial container and an experienced practitioner. This precaution is for your own safety!!! 

It helped me feel so much lighter in a time when I was feeling really bogged down and had no energy to do anything. It opened up a new way of thinking and helped give me the energy to shed negative relationships. It was great. I swear by it!
— Kristen, Harlem
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Please note that I am not a licensed physician. The services I offer are alternative and complimentary to healing arts services licensed by New York but shamanic healing services are not licensed anywhere at this time.