3 Ways to Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires

Are You an Energy-Feeling Empath? If you are these techniques are for you!

Learn my first go-to energetic protection exercises that are super easy to do wherever you are…in your bed, at the office, during your commute, on the train next to the stinky homeless guy…), let me share the number one question I get asked about ALL the time...

 EVERY TIME I finish up working on a client after a healing session they turn and ask what they can do to shield their energy and keep the vibes clean and clear after we’ve just finished the healing session.

Because of course they want to keep their energy feeling bright and shiny, they want to feel solid and secure in their power and they certainly don’t want anyone muddying up their high vibes after they’ve worked so hard at keeping their energy clear!

Get The Energy Protection Course Now

In the How to Protect Your Energy Course You Will…

  • Clear Out Unwanted Energies

  • Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires

  • Keep You Rooted in Your Power All Day, Everyday

  • Methods to Fortify Your Energetic Field

  • Protect Your Home and Work Space from Unwanted Energies

  • Use Protection Rituals Specifically Designed to Protect You in Any Situation

  • Clear Out Unwanted Spirits and Energies from Your Space

  • Unravel Curses and Conflicts

  • Access Your Akashic Records to Clear Challenging Relationship Energies

  • Re-write Challenging Soul Contracts

  • Work With the Elements and Moon Cycles to Clear and Protect Your Energy Field

  • Shamanic Journey to Meet Your Protection Guides, Receive Protective Shields and Amour and Divine Information About How Your Can Best Protect Your Energy

  • Know What Crystals You Can Use For Protection and How to Work with Them

  • Set Better Boundaries with Everyone Around You