Benefits of Dragon's Blood Ceremonies

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Dragon’s Blood is good for soooo many things, but especially useful for clearing negative energies and parasites from the body when done is sacred ceremony. Watch my video below to learn more:

Dragon’s Blood is a versatile tree sap that is a master healing plant. I work with it in a very specific ceremonial way (passed down to me from the Shipibo people of the Amazon Jungles of Peru) that helps clear physical and energetic parasites and elevates the mind, body and soul. In this presentation I share:

  • My personal story and struggles with gut issues and mystery illnesses

  • The healing properties of Dragon’s Blood

  • How to identify if you have parasites

  • Why these Ceremonies are so powerful

This is a sacred and advanced master plant medicine. Please do not try these techniques at home without an experienced practitioner. I’m available for private, couples and group ceremonies. Please check out my Ceremonial and soul retrieval offers here.

And see what my tribe has to say abut their healing experiences with Dragon’s Blood!

The spirit of the Dragon led me through intense cleansing. For anyone considering this ceremonial practice, I’d strongly encourage you to partake. You’ll release so much negative, parasitic energy, and physical parasites you didn’t even know lived inside you. Kristen is a one-of-a-kind spirit guide that will undoubtedly help you step into your true purpose.
— Daniel, NYC
OMG! I can’t thank you enough!!!! The fog has lifted, I have energy, my brain works, it’s like night and day!!!!!! Can’t wait for round 2!
— Terra, Brooklyn

Dragon’s Blood IS RIGHT FOR YOU if:

  • You Have Physical or Energetic Parasites and Want to CLEAR THEM

  • You Want and Extra PUSH to SHIFT Your ENERGY 

  • You Are Ready to END Food Cravings, Bloating and Parasitic Squatters

  • You Want to Reset Your Body, Mind and Spirit

  • You Are Ready to DROP Blocks and Bullshit

  • You are Ready to End Old Cycles of Trauma and Call in YOUR POWER 

  • PURGE Negative Vibes for GOOD