Protecting Your Chakras Exercise

Opening up our energy fields can be a wonderful and deeply healing experience.

After all, the only way to get in touch with and heal our chakras--our energetic power centers throughout the body--is to go into them, clear them and activate them.


It’s also important to close them down when we’re finished any type of opening exercises.

Especially meditations where we’re opening ourselves up, because it can cause us to be open to other energies outside of us that we don’t actually want to take into our energy field.

And a lot of us sensitive, empathic people are always open, whether we mean to be or not, so this is a great exercise to do if you feel like you’re constantly feeling everyone else’s energy around you.

In this exercise we’re going to practice opening up our chakra centers and then closing them down so we can retain the benefits of energetic activation without the lingering effects of staying too open and vulnerable to energetic attack.

Watch the guided exercise now.