The Easiest Ways to Manifest the Things You Want

I wanted to share my Top Tips For Manifesting Your Ass Off Like Magic, because a few tweaks here and there might be just want you need to open the floodgates of manifestation.


So here we go…

Tip #1:  Speak out loud your desires. Use the vibration of your voice to ask for what you want—or even better—declare that what you want is already happening! If your desire is real in your imagination, then speak it into reality!


A few years ago I found myself in a pickle when I found both of my bicycles out of commission. My new bike had suffered a flat and the other, my back-up that I’d given to my roommate, had a seat that was inches too low for me. When I found myself late to a meeting as a result of my busted bike, I tried desperately to lengthen the seat on my back up. But it was no use…the seat was stuck, rusted into place and I missed my meeting.


I was so annoyed about my bikes and didn’t know how I’d get both bikes into repair

So I said to the universe, “Some guy is just going to come to my apartment and fix my bicycles for me for free!” 


Later that evening my roommates sister and her boyfriend arrived for a long visit. I was in my room trying to get a bottle of nail polish open that had polished itself shut, when I approach the visitors to ask for help. The boyfriend grabbed the bottle and did his best, but it was stuck shut. He still wouldn’t stop trying to open it.


“Hey magic hands!” I called. Put down the polish and why don’t you try your elbow grease on this allen wrench in my bike!”


He popped his head out of the room and down the hall to eye my bike.

You’ve got a bicycle problem? I used to be a bicycle repairman. I love fixing bikes! And so he went on to fix both of my bicycles and tighten my brakes, all with a huge smile on his face!


Speaking my intention for manifestation has helped me to manifest many other things like a curly hair stylist for trade, a personal trainer, free tickets to events, a free couch, free vacations... Seriously, it really works!


Tip #2 is Be Specific! Get clear on what you want and make sure that you fill in all of the specifics. This can easily turn into a ‘be careful what you wish for type of scenario’ so get clear before you put it out there!


Here’s an example: I once was having a conversation with a friend in Union Square and she was telling me how her friend manifested this amazing guy. She was talking about all of the traits she wanted in a mate, and within the month, this guy just showed up! They were engaged within the year. 


At that time, I’d had a dating track record of dating awesome Aquarian men (not consciously or on purpose, I just noticed I tended date men born in the first week of February. And so I called it out…”Universe, bring me some Aquarius men!


And then they came, a whole slew of them. 


And it was horrible.


They messed with my head, they toyed with my heart and they led me on. One even picked a fight with the other over me at my birthday party and then dumped me the next week. After that I said, NO MORE AQUARIUS MEN. Please just stop!! And the universe listened. And now I’m happy to say I’m engaged to an amazing Sag(itarius)!


So my advice is, be specific. Say exactly what you mean down to the detail and mean what you say!


Tip #3: Focus on the Positive Aspects. Dwelling on the negative things you don’t want only makes them stronger and magnetizes them to you! Instead, think about all of the positive things you do want!


The Law of Attraction reflects back to you, and attracts to you the things that you focus on. The human brain doesn’t know how to discern between don’ts and should not’s. When I tell you not to think about a pink elephant, all you’re going to be able to do is think about a pink elephant. It’s when you focus only on what you want that the vibration of what you want that it will come to you.


Pam Grout, author of E-Squared talks about how we often times think about-even obsess over how eating certain foods will make us fat. We think, Oh I shouldn’t eat this, or There’s too many calories in that, and these thoughts influence the way we think about our food and can actually make a gain weight.


Grout did a study where she began to approach foods with love and kind words, infusing her meals with, “You are delicious and healthy and every bite of you is going to make me lose weight.” And she found that the fat began to melt away. 


Focusing on positive thoughts and positive emotions will help you to attract the vibrations and situations that mirror your desires. Keeping it positive will attract to you just that!


And finally, Manifestation Tip #4: Let Go and Allow the Universe to bring you what you want.  Holding on too tightly keeps your desires from manifesting. Obsessing over them keeps them captive and trapped inside you.


We can get so focused on wanting something so bad that we fail to see what else the universe wants to offer. It’s when you let it go, and trust that all will come to you in perfect divine timing, that it does…and usually when you least expect it!


A few years ago I was following a vision that I had to create a scientific study using soul retrieval, an ancient method of helping one to restore their power, as an alternative therapy for drug addiction. I felt called to make this study happen but I was holding on so tightly to the HOW of the study that I was getting in my own way of manifesting a way to make it happen. After obsessing about it for weeks and trying to force it to work I decided to just draft up a proposal and trust that if it was going to happen it would. A few days later I got a call from a friend who had a flash thought to call me. Once she heard about my project she realized why she had been thinking of her friend at a rehab center on and off all week. She connected us immediately and now her and I are in the process of figuring out the HOW!


With many things, like the study, I’ve had to let go and trust what I want will manifest in a way that exceeds all expectations and is better than I ever could have imagined. That was how my partner came to me, that’s how amazing job opportunities have come to me and that’s how I’ve chosen to live my life…now that I’ve gotten a taste of some amazing manifestations!


So I challenge you to think about those 3 desires you want, keep listening to the Abundance Activation Meditation and apply these 4 techniques. #1. Speak out loud your desires. Tell the universe what you want! #2. Be specific, outline all of the details and send your knit picky vision out into the ethers. #3. Focus on the positives, all the things you do want so that you can attract their vibration, and #4. Let it go and let the universe do it’s work. It’s much better at micromanaging than you are. Believe me and believe that anything is possible and YOU’RE TOTALLY WORTH IT!


Wishing you luck becoming a manifestation magnet!


Yours truly,


Kristen Von Foxx