How Soul Retrieval is Works and is Changing Lives (with Real Results)

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How Soul Retrieval is Changing Lives: Soul Retrieval Case Studies

I love soul retrieval because it really works!

Trust me. After getting my Master’s degree in Creative Arts Therapies, working with clients with sex and substance addictions and working within the trauma healing systems that weren’t working for any of my clients on the deep soul-level that they needed I knew there needed to be something more powerful to help my clients achieve the shifts into wholeness their soul’s were yearning for.

This video is about the practice of Soul Retrieval and the Case Study of How Betty Shed Dead Patterns with Men and Attracted the Man of Her Dreams

 I love helping my tribe kick old patterns to the curb, especially the ones blocking them from love and money!

OMG, I’ve got to tell you about Betty and how she got all her old lovers back AND still made the best choice to attract a BETTER partner for her!

 Betty had shit self-esteem, was used by men, and couldn’t seem to find guys that were really interested in a deeper relationship with her.

 Even though she was a total catch and drew so many people to her!

But through soul retrieval she was able to turn around deep-seated father pain and heal herself to attract a new man who cherishes the shit of her now and loves her for who she really is!

Check out this video where I share more about soul retrieval and talk more about how Betty Shifted her story and Began to MAGNETICALLY ATTRACT MEN and her dreamboat partner (who’s she’s been mega happy with now for years!)

This is what Betty had to say:

"During my first session with Kristen, we worked on clearing the trauma that stemmed from my childhood growing up in an abusive environment, and taking back my power from my ex. Immediately afterwards, I felt a sense of aliveness that I hadn't felt in 20 plus years. She literally gave me back to myself and made me feel whole. I began attracting a different type of men - men who I felt safe with. I was now able to open my heart and trust again. And because of this, a great man came into my life who is everything I have wanted in a partner."

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