🌚 Today's New Moon in Taurus Can Change Your Life 🌀

Today is the New Moon in Taurus and a pivotal planetary moment to choose your divine path and your entire future. 


YES. YOU ultimately get to decide where your life goes and it’s influenced by your vibe. You either come into flow with the universe, and flow in yourself, or you’re out of alignment with your desires, stuck fighting yourself and everything in your life.

See, Saturn and Pluto recently went retrograde together (and will be until October). These slow moving, powerful outer planets help us with our structures and the vibration we’re living in. 


Pluto is all about the darkness, showing us our own inner demons —the places where our lives are decaying in old stories that keep us low in life, nailed down by fears and stuck in the muck. 


It’s all about the pain and suffering we stuff down. Pain from our weak spots and wounds. The pain we try to protect and sometimes project onto the world when we keep trying to shut what we don’t want to feel down.


And Pluto is bringing it up, along with father figure Saturn, who’s helping show which structures aren’t protecting us anymore and are so old they’re falling in on us. 


These two planets help us take what we’ve learned (and are learning) and reflect on what we really want. We can expand our structures. 

Build a new model for our life that allows for more balance, flexibility and peace to be at ease...So we can harmonize ourselves with the flow of life.


This is a powerful moment of time, with the new moon, AND Uranus (the planet of tearing up the old to gallantly make room for a new start) collide in the sky. 


This is a time to start a-new and make a fresh start, by really LETTING GO of the old that no longer serves and by opening up to new possibilities being revealed. 


This weekend is a good time for taking all your resources and reinventing yourself and them. It’s a good time to figure out what you really don’t want so you can get clear on what you do—and go after it!


Whenever I’m out of balance or am making huge transitions (or want to) let I go of what’s coming up that’s causing me stress and imbalance. As part of my most transformative spiritual practice I sit down with Dragon’s Blood and ask it to help me let go of the bullshit. 


And I purge. All. The. Crap.


I Commit to showing up for myself and clearing it out. And Dragons Blood initiates me into the next level of my power. 


Are you ready for your initiation into your next level? Your invitation with the Dragon?


Are you ready to master yourself and say peace out to all your dark no longer working structures Pluto and Saturn and helping you shed along with Uranus asking you for positive change? 


Because now is the time to step into what you really want for yourself and come into your powerful potential. 


The next dates are


  • If these dates don’t work for you, feel free to get a group together of 5-8 people for a private circle and we’ll schedule new dates around you! *Remember 2 dates in a row, 7 days apart are BEST.

Dragons blood is a powerful, safe and well-researched plant medicine used all over the world for clearing the body of unwanted parasites, illnesses, and energetic blocks. We use Dragon's Blood as a purgative to physically release energies from the body that are parasitic and blocking your success. Check out my website to learn more about the many amazing benefits of Dragon’s Blood!

Note: As these are purgative style workshops you will be physically inducing the release of toxins from the body. Three ceremonies are STRONGLY recommended within a season for optimal results. Two sessions are NEEDED to clear out all life cycles of physical parasites. This is why dates are scheduled 2 weekends in a row to facilitate this clearing process.

The ceremonies include a guided, safe experience working with the Dragon's Blood medicine, a nourishing vegan meal, shamanic sounds healing experience, and a guided shamanic drumming journey to connect in more fully with your intuition, the medicine, and yourself!

Space is limited for the sacred ceremony, so please RSVP by securing your spot with your payment. Please be committed to enrolling in the workshop as no refunds will be offered in case of a no-show or last minute cancellations. One of the main symptoms of parasites is that they cause anxiety and try to sabotage you from showing up. This is common and pre-workshop anxiety is normal and indicates you have the energy to release that wants to hold on and block you from success!


Dragon’s Blood IS RIGHT FOR YOU if:
-You have Physical or Energetic Parasites and want to CLEAR THEM
-You want an extra PUSH to SHIFT Your ENERGY
-You Are Ready to END food cravings, bloating and parasitic squatters
-You want to Reset Your Body, Mind, and Spirit
-You Are Ready to DROP Blocks and Bullshit
-You are Ready to End old cycles of trauma and call in YOUR POWER
-PURGE negative vibes for GOOD

Dragon's Blood Ceremonies(1).png

Dragon’s Blood Ceremony Registration

1. Review the SAFETY LIST below.
2. If you are clear of the lists below, you may make a payment to reserve your seat in the next upcoming circles.
*Note: 3 Sessions are recommended for optimal results. 2 sessions (7 days apart) are needed to kill all life cycles of physical parasites entirely.
4. Complete the Health Form (sent to you after registering), also accessible here: Link to the google form
5. Read the Preparation Guidelines (sent to you after registering).
Dragon’s Blood is safe and effective natural plant medicine used for many ailments, taken internally and externally. It is non-toxic and can be used as a powerful purgative agent when received from an experienced practitioner. Nonetheless, there are some situations where the medicine is not safe or recommended. Therefore, please review the following precautions.

Dragon’s Blood IS RIGHT FOR YOU if:
-You have Physical or Energetic Parasites and want to CLEAR THEM
-You want an extra PUSH to SHIFT Your ENERGY 
-You Are Ready to END food cravings, bloating and parasitic squatters
-You want to Reset Your Body, Mind and Spirit
-You Are Ready to DROP Blocks and Bullshit
-You are Ready to End old cycles of trauma and call in YOUR POWER 
-PURGE negative vibes for GOOD 
You are NOT ELIGIBLE to receive Dragon’s Blood treatment at this time if:
-Under 18 years old without parental consent
- Severe mental illness
- Severe epilepsy
- If pregnant or suspecting pregnancy
- If breastfeeding a baby
- Any heart issues: heart surgery, blood clots, previously suffered a stroke, etc.
-If you aren’t serious about stepping into your power and aren’t willing to fully show   up

- If you are in the advanced stages of any disease
- Extremely physically fragile
- Very low blood pressure
- Over 70 years of age

If you want to learn more see my video HERE!
And if you’re already ALL IN you can reserve your seat for the next circles Here for May and June!


Kristen C. shared:

"It helped me feel so much lighter in a time when I was feeling really bogged down and had no energy to do anything. It opened up a new way of thinking and helped give me the energy to shed negative relationships. It was great. I swear by it!"

I’m also offering private Dragon’s Blood/Soul Retrieval Ceremonies by private booking. If you’re looking for deep clearing and transformation this is the right work for you! In this private healing session, we go deep into releasing physical, emotional, and mental blocks with the help of the Dragon’s Blood plant. After the completion of the purgative ceremony I support you with a 1:1 shamanic healing session where we go deep to the root of unwanted patterns and up-level your entire vibration. Each session includes a unique-to-you combination of soul retrieval (wholeness here we come!), energy clearing (say goodbye to those dirty demons!), Chakra balancing (so you can come into your fullest alignment), past life healing (understand the lessons and erase negative, repetitious patterns) & ancestral healing (so you and your family can be set free from what’s unconsciously been holding you back from positive growth!

Book your private session HERE


I’m excited to now offer Private Couples Dragon’s Blood Ceremonies for pairs ready to release the baggage, banish the blocks and step deeper into love together. Because couples who UP-Level together, GROW Together! And Dragon’s Blood flushes all the relationship bullshit out! 

Donate & Recycle Your Empty Bottles with Us!
Do you drink large 1.4 Liter Kombuchas and have extra bottles? Recycle them with us! We need more of these sized bottles to support the growing Dragon's Blood Circles! Just respond to this email if you're in the Brooklyn area and we'd be happy to take them off your hands!


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