The Truth About Soul Mates

Are we soul mates too?

Sometimes we think that soul mates are just left to lovers but soul mates take all shapes and roles in your life.

You best friend from childhood was your soul mate.

So was your dog.

Your parent.

A star crossed lover you only had for 3 weeks.

And Me Too.

See, I only call in those who are really ready to make the big shifts in life. People who are my soul sisters and soul mates to do the deep healing work I know we’re called to do to up-level our lives.

And I called in you.

I prayed for you, for real.

Because I only want to work with those I have magical, important, juicy soul contracts with who are ready to SHOW UP, GO DEEP and allow me to mirror back your greatness and innate inner magic.

And I know there’s soooo many coaches and healers out there these days…

So what makes me the divine match for you at this moment of NOW? How might we resonate with each other for the best healing possible on the planet?

• I’m loving and understanding in all situations. You ever notice how when the going gets tough, some friends and family get too uncomfortable with how real and painful some situations can become? Some people just simply don’t know how to hold space for the shadow seasons of life--those dark nights of the soul we all go through. Whether you’ve been raped, abused, have sexual skeletons in the closet, chronic illness, depression, inner demons, and spiritual conflicts, I can hold space for all of it. Sometimes we just need a loving, safe space to express the shadow stuff so we can feel supported to rise up into the light again. It takes someone who’s been through their own ugly stuff to really get it. And I’ve got you. Trust me, I've been there too. 

• I’ve got the life experience and the training to help you achieve the best results. I’ve got my Bachelors degree in Clinical Psychology, my Masters in Creative Arts Therapies, I’ve worked with addicts with mental illness at Bellevue Hospital, kids with abusive families, I’ve worked with sex addicts in commercial dungeons, people all trying to fill their voids with everything but themselves AND I've found a way to help them transform their lives with Soul Retrieval. I’ve studied with more than 10 shamans all over the world, to indigenous communities in the Amazon Jungle to northern Native American Algonquin Elders. I’m also a certified Holistic Nutritionist and understand how food, digestion, and the body all have a delicate interplay into how we think and feel. I’ve literally got a bag full of tricks and ancient wisdom to fully support you in total transformation. I’ve got all the bases covered. I've got you (and all of you)! 

• I’m good at triggering change. Even if that means I’m triggering you. And I’m strong enough in my own power to hold a loving but firm mirror up for you so you can get the fullest support to shift what’s no longer serving you. Because sometimes we bring shit up to the surface and it doesn’t always feel good or look pretty. But I’m here to stick with you and support you through it so you can really HEAL it. I’m ready to get real with you. 

• I’m tenacious AF. I’ve had my world collapse on me after my ex husband emptied my bank account and fled the country. I’ve literally had to pull myself up from rock bottom (more than once in my life) and have risen in my power like the Phoenix does the ashes. And with grace!

• I’m driven as all hell. I’m comfortable going into those not-so-comfortable places to help you transmute them and totally master the lessons they come-a-bringing. And, I'll meet you there with compassion and hold the loving space you need in order to heal and grow.

• I’m an energetic alchemist. I know how to talk to your demons and toughest inner critics, AND get them to CROSS OVER, and get them the heck out of you so you can remember what it’s like to live in a YOUR HIGHEST VIBRATION. No more bottom feeders. I’ve got your back so those nasty energetic critters don't anymore!

• I’ve got all the right connections. I’m tapped into some ridiculously awesome spirit guides and helping vibes AND TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE authentic connections to yours too. No guru syndrome here. We become equals and allies and work together towards total transformation. 

• I’m a Soul Retrieval of the most driven practitioners I know. Some shamanic practitioners only come back with one soul part per session (trust me, I’ve paid the big bucks to see these shamans too) but in our sessions, I keep going back for more. I’ve even had clients say they have no idea how I could have possibly brought back so many soul parts, in such little time, that resonated so deeply, from past lives, parents' lives and THIS life, all in one session. Once you choose to work with me, I SHOW THE F-UP for YOU!

• I’m a master Manifestress and called you into my sphere for our mutual benefit and highest good. I only call in the coolest clients, and most powerful beings...and if you’re here already then there’s something kismet about us connecting and I want to invite you to go deeper.

Let’s see if we’re a true match made in heaven, shall we?

Kristen Von FoxxComment