I’m Over Here Chillen With Some of Your Soul Parts with Me… And They’re Waiting for You to Come and Scoop Them Up


And maybe that sounds kinda creepy, but I assure you, this is not a hostage situation.

See, sometimes people’s soul parts just come to me because they know I can sense them and I can help reunite them with their adult selves.

And literally, last night I woke up from this crazy 5am dream (the time when my guides wake me up to share important soul information with me) where I was holding this sacred space for all of my clients’ soul parts to come back in this next phase of my Truly Transformation 8-Week Shamanic Healing Program which is kicking off TODAY at 8pm EST!

I was literally holding space for a whole possie of people’s soul parts just ready to come back, and I think I may have some of yours in there!

So feel into it…

Are you ready to seriously take back the important pieces of your power?

Are you ready to say HELL NO to the old outdated patterns and shadows you’ve been carrying for yourself, your family, and for multiple lifetimes…

Are you ready to say HECK YES to stepping into your next phase of greatness, activation and power?

Well fuck, if that’s a YEAHHH think I’ve got exactly what you’ve been calling in. And if not, you’ll know when it’s time to WAKE UP. 

It’s up to you if you want to ride that janky old rollercoaster of old antiquated patterns for another cycle or two, but know I’ve got you if you’re ready for positive change…

If you’re ready to reclaim your energy and activate your true power.

Let’s do it now yeah? Join Truly Transformation!

Because I definitely don’t want to be babysitting your lost soul parts for ever. Let’s get your pieces back and all your power REUNITED and REIGNITED!

Sincerely Me and Your Soul Parts



P.S. They’re freakin’ awesome!

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