How to Transform the Holiday/Winter Blues

Experiencing the Holiday Blues?

I just want to check in and see how your feeling after the holidays because I know that the holidays are not always an easy time.

Let’s have some real talk.

I know that a lot of people get super bummed out around the holidays-- and for good reasons too. Maybe this time of year makes you feel especially lonely, pressured to put on a happy face and act like everything’s okay where there’s pain deep inside. Maybe you don’t like to be around family for the holidays because you can’t be your true authentic self or it brings up negative patterns of relating that totally suck and bring you down.

I know that the holidays haven’t always been easy for me and as happy and hyped up as I want to be for Christmas, sometime the old woes surface—because they want love and to be seen.

Any yesterday was one of those days where I totally turned into the grinch!

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and needed to check my attitude and my negative energy, do some deep healing work on myself and step into my highest vibration.

And I was grateful to have the tools I have because I went back to bed to meditate, perform some soul retrieval on myself to call back the scared little kid parts of me that felt disappointed, unseen and bummed out at Christmas. I remembered being diagnosed with celiacs disease (allergy to gluten which had me sick as a dog my whole childhood) and opening up the gift of gluten each year when my dad bought me the same lotion kit filled with gluten that made me break out in rashes all over and feel miserable. And every year I’d have to express how it made me sick and also look ungrateful only for it to be ignored and find the same gift in my stocking the next year for 3 years in a row.

And maybe that seems kinda dumb to be so upset at allergen Christmas presents but as a kid it was disappointing to feel unheard, unseen and pressured into liking gifts that made me feel bad, and I internalized a lot of heavy energy that was coming up to be loved on and cleared.

And this Christmas I felt the collective energy of many others who feel heaviness on the holidays and tapped into clearing my own shadows and those for the collective that surface to be grieved and relieved at this time of year.

And so I realize just  how important it really is to do this deep work on a daily basis.

To reclaim the parts of our souls that may have left because they didn’t feel safe or because they felt disappointed or unseen... unworthy... unimportant.

And if we don’t have the tools to clear these things they just build up inside of us and eventually make us sick and/or pass them down to our future generations.

Do you really want to carry those old vibes into the new year with you?

Because if you’re like me and you’re F THAT then I want to offer you an opportunity to transcend those grievances. To learn the same ancient shamanic tools to clear the woes of your childhood, your ancestry, and call back your power.

Because when our vibration is low and we’re still stuck in a pain state then we miss out on the opportunities to create the kind of life we actually want. And the kind of life that we can manifest if our energy is cleared and we are activated on the soul level.

Which is why I’m excited to announce my Truly Transformation, an 8-Week Shamanic healing program where I personally lead you on a journey through the most important steps that I’ve learned from the past decade of studies in shamanism, art therapy, psychology and holistic nutrition to bring you a balance of clearing the old and activating your power to transcend to the next level of your soul’s path so that you can step into your highest vibration and cultivate the life that you really want-- free of the headaches and the sorrow’s and the pains of the past. So will you join me? Will you join in on this massive movement with tribe to shift the sob stories of the past and activate your future?

If this feels like an answered prayer and a deep resonance then let’s have a chat. I’m offering free intro calls to those ready to embark on an empowering journey to reset for the new year.

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Chat you soon my dear!