Why my Spirit Guides MADE Me Write my New Book, Be Wholey You


In 5 Days, My New Book Comes Out!

Be Wholey You: How to Bounce Back from Any Challenging Life Experience with Soul Retrieval


Five years ago, while I was deep in a shamanic meditation, my spirit guides came to me and told me it was time to write a book on Soul Retrieval.

“It’s time to share your gifts with the world, and let people know about shamanic solutions for healing,” they said.

And I was like, “Yeah, that sounds good, but aren’t there already books on soul retrieval out there? Why would I write one when there’s already other books available?”

But my guides wouldn’t let up.

“Nobody else can write this book like you can. Use your knowledge, your scientific research skills (little known fact, I almost went to school for Neuroscience and Research), and all of the things that you’ve learned working with clients. You have new knowledge that no one’s ever written about and we need you to share it from your heart.”

“THIS is part of your purpose,” they said.

And they were right…

I’d discovered so many new pieces of the puzzle and had been researching (and interviewing researchers in the areas of shamanism and soul retrieval for years). I’d had breakthrough sessions with healing clients with past life soul parts coming back, ancestral pieces revealing themselves and had been working on healing client’s organ systems for years. I had new knowledge to share and have always been a great non-fiction storyteller.

And I knew I couldn’t just f*ck off on my soul’s purpose.

So I spent the last 5 years writing and re-writing, editing and re-editing Be Wholey You until recently…

And now I’m ready to share it with YOU.

Because soul loss happens to the best of us (well, all of us actually), and so few people know how to bounce back from life’s challenges without feeling tattered and beaten by life…

But nobody has to suffer trauma and lose all their power.


At least not when we know we can shift those old stories and get our power back so we’re not forced to repeat all of our old traumatic patterns.

So I decided to write this book, research trauma, psychology, shamanism and the history of the soul to look for answers, and kept coming back to how ancient civilizations healed their power losses…

And how easily we can heal ours too!

So stay tuned because Be Wholey You is totally on the brink of coming out so you can learn how to reclaim your power and totally shift your life!

The book is launching on Thursday, June 28th and it’s been waiting for you to find it. So stay tuned until Thursday when you can get your hands on your copy!

EEEEEEKKKKK! I can’t wait to share my book baby with you!