Are Parasites Sabotaging Your Success?

Yesterday I talked about how I've been working with the scared plant, Dragons Blood since 2014. You can see the video I made about it HERE if you missed it yesterday!

And I also started talking about how Dragon's Blood is GREAT for eliminating parasites. Wondering if the heck you've got some parasitic critters in your system too? Well I've got you covered in today's video on the Symptoms of Parasites!

Ever wonder if you’re the one in control of the choices you’re making when it comes to the foods you chose and the cravings you indulge?
The body is an amazing vessel and it knows how to heal, how to choose nourishing foods to support its organs and their functions. But when parasites enter the body (through drinking water, is under-cooked animal protein or unwashed greens) they begin rolling out their own agenda and begin to trick your brain into craving and choosing the foods that help them flourish, instead of what your body naturally would want to support perfect health.
This might manifest as craving lots of sugar, processed foods, carbohydrates and otherwise healthy grains that break down into simple sugars and feed parasites instead of your body. You might eat a healthy, balanced meal, then still feel hungry and eat fruits or sweets way before your body’s fully digested your last meal.
Even something innocent like a peach or a piece of chocolate too close to a meal can be just what a parasite craves to slow down digestion and give it sugars to feed off of while your meal slows down in the gut. If your system is compromised by a parasite, you’ll crave foods that feed the parasite and overeat. Just so your digestive system slows down to feed the parasites! Yuck.
I’ve personally been obsessively interested in parasites and how they function in the human body ever since I fell ill to a series of chronic mystery illnesses that baffled Western medical doctors. In 2010 I became ill with chronic candidiasis/fungal infections, sluggish thyroid issues, leaky gut, and was sick with multiple parasites. I had otherwise been a very healthy individual until I married a Scotsman from across the seas and came into contact with parasites and fungi that were completely foreign to my system.
I’d already been struggling with leaky gut issues and I’m sure I already had a parasite or two before going abroad, but once I was exposed to the parasitic critters he was carrying, my entire immune system gave way and I became chronically ill for 7 years.

  • I was plagued with brain fog

  • lost all my energy

  • became depressed

  • felt sick all the time

  • and became constipated for months on end.

  • I lost my ability to fight off illnesses

I was plagued by parasites that were siphoning my energy and keeping me sick and sad and stuck so they could feed off me and survive.

At the time I was alsoallowing myself to be taken advantage ofby my (now ex) husband. He’d moved to the states to get married but didn’t work and was blowing through my bank account faster than I had the energy to get up to look at a bank statement. He emptied my bank account and fled the country upon realizing he’d drained my resources.

Not to mention all myenergy and investmentin him.

He had his brother book him the next flight from NYC to Glasgow and stealthfully left while I was at my day job.

When I look back at that time in my life I can see where I was giving away my energy and my power to someone who was leaching my life force.

Energetically, physically, spiritually, financially.

I was allowing that energy to take my power…and feeling too powerless and tired to know what to do to stop it.

I believe that everything we encounter presents us with a lesson and an opportunity to learn something important. Otherwise, I don’t believe our souls would contract and attract certain lessons, to begin with.

I realized that I needed to contend with boundaries, parasites (energetic and physical) and see where I didn’t love myself enough to cut off the negative energies stealing my power.

After I began to look at these major energy leaks, I cut off all relationships that were draining my energy.

I began investigating in my health and in learning alternative healing modalities. I began studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in hopes of educating myself about health and healing. I studied the work of Donna Gates and the Body Ecology Diet and Weston A. Price to study nourishing, traditional foods to heal the gut through the GAPS diet. And I began training in traditional shamanic techniques to learn how to release energetic parasites wreaking havoc on the body.

I learned about how Candida overgrowth and parasites have a symbiotic relationship with one another which throw off your body’s signals to ensure their survival. I learned about how having Candida and parasites create tears in the digestive system which cause foods to leak into your bloodstream and create more food allergies and sensitivities. I learned about herbs like black walnut hull and wormwood which kill parasites but don’t work for everyone and strain the organ systems like the liver with prolonged usage. These herbs take weeks, sometimes months to remove parasites and strain your body in the process. And many over the counter herbal blends you get at the health food store sit on the shelf so long their potency is no longer strong enough to fully do the trick by the time you use it.

Then, I learned about Dragon’s Blood and how it rapidly works with the body to kick out parasites with just two treatments (as opposed to 8+ week-long treatments with other herbs).

And I fell in love.

For anyone serious about healing their body and healing their energy from parasites, I’d encourage you to look over this Parasite Checklist to see if Parasites are having a hold over you. Parasites come in all shapes and sizes and you could test positively for parasites with just one of these symptoms but I suggest if you have 3 or more then you should start thinking about what actions you can take to liberate these critters from your system so you can get your energy back for good!
Symptoms of Parasites
Check any symptoms you’ve had in the last year:
Chronic Constipation
Gas & Bloating
Digestive Problems
Excessive Early Bowel Movements (very explosive bowel movements very soon after eating)
Abdominal Pain
Mucus in the Stools
Leaky Gut
Burning in the Stomach
Bloody Stools

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Low Energy
Excessive Weakness
Brain Fog

Dry Skin
Dry Hair
Brittle Hair
Hair Loss
Itchy Nose
Itchy Anus (especially around the full moon when they leave to lay eggs at the anus)
Itchy Skin
Allergic Reactions to Food
Crawling Sensation Under the Skin
Weeping Eczema
Cutaneous Ulcers
Papular Lesions

Mood Swings
Unclear Thinking
Slow Reflexes

Teeth Grinding During Sleep
Bed Wetting
Drooling While Asleep
Disturbed Sleep – Multiple Awakenings

Weight Gain
Long-Standing Obesity
Loss of Appetite OR
Uncontrollable Hunger Eating More Than Normal BUT Still Feeling Hungry
Inability to Gain or Lose Weight

Muscle Pain
Joint Pain
Muscle Cramping
Numbness of the Hands and/or Feet
Heart Pain
Pain in The Navel
Pain in the Back, Thighs or Shoulders
Arthritic Pains
Fast Heartbeat


Male Impotence
Erectile Dysfunction
Candida – Yeast Infections
Urinary Tract Infections
Cysts & Fibroids
Menstrual Problems
Prostate Problems
Water Retention

Excessive Saliva
Unclear Vision
Bad Breath
Poor Immune Response
Respiratory Problems
Chronic Viral or Bacterial Symptoms
Body Odor
SYMPTOMS OF ENERGETIC PARASITES (I thought I’d add this because energetic attachments can be draining too)
Mood swings
Personality Changes when a Trauma is Triggered
Personality Changes when Intoxicated
Self-Sabotaging Behaviors
Feeling Tired and Drained, Especially When You Know You Need to Take Action
Negative Self-Talk/Dark Suicidal Thoughts
If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms in the last year I’d encourage you to take action around reclaiming your health!
Join me for my sacred (Shipibo style) Dragon’s Blood Ceremonies to Assist in Clearing both Physical and Energetic Parasites in these half-day workshops.

We'll be meeting in a small circle and working through a multi-level process of healing both energetic and physical parasites. You'll learn more about the benefits of working with Dragon's Blood for clearing and receive the medicine in a very safe and cozy container. You'll also be led on a shamanic journey to retrieve your power from parasitic energies.

Circles run from 11:30am-5pm in Brooklyn, NY and you'll want to bring a water bottle, yoga mat, notebook and pen and make sure to dress in layers. A light meal will be served afterwards and you'll have plenty of time to rest and recover after the circle.
Next Circle Dates:
 Spring/Fall 2019 (check the Eventbrite links below!)
**Note: This is a 2-part medicine for clearing physical parasites out of the body. For a physical parasites treatment to be effective one must participate in 2 ceremonies 7 days apart. This ensures you kill both the adult parasites and the offspring of their eggs. You’ll feel better longer, I promise!

Dragon’s Blood IS RIGHT FOR YOU if:

-You have Physical or Energetic Parasites and want to CLEAR THEM

-You want and extra PUSH to SHIFT Your ENERGY 

-You Are Ready to END food cravings, bloating and parasitic squatters

-You want to Reset Your Body, Mind and Spirit

-You Are Ready to DROP Blocks and Bullshit

-You are Ready to End old cycles of trauma and call in YOUR POWER 

-PURGE negative vibes for GOOD 

Dragon’s Blood is a good spring and autumn medicine, aligned with peak times for humans to clear out toxins and parasites in many ancient traditions. To participate in the next workshops, please review the Ceremony Registration steps below:

Dragon’s Blood Ceremony Registration
1. Review the SAFETY LIST below.
2. If you are clear of the lists below, you may make a payment to reserve your seat in the next upcoming circles. *Note: 3 Sessions are recommended for optimal results. 2 sessions (7 days apart) are needed to kill all life cycles of physical parasites entirely.
4. Complete the Health Form (sent to you after registering), also accessible HERE.

5. Read the Preparation Guidelines (sent to you after registering).


Dragon’s Blood is safe and effective natural plant medicine used for many ailments, taken internally and externally. It is non-toxic and can be used as a powerful purgative agent when received from an experienced practitioner. Nonetheless, there are some situations where the medicine is not safe or recommended. Therefore, please review the following precautions.

You are NOT ELIGIBLE to receive Dragon’s Blood treatment at this time if:

-Under 18 years old without parental consent
- Severe mental illness
- Severe epilepsy
- If pregnant or suspecting pregnancy
- If breastfeeding a baby
- Any heart issues: heart surgery, blood clots, previously suffered a stroke, etc.

-If you aren’t serious about stepping into your power and aren’t willing to fully show   up

- If you are in the advanced stages of any disease
- Extremely physically fragile
- Very low blood pressure
- Over 70 years of age

You Can Learn More HERE

I hope I can assist you in your transformational process! That's what I'm here help you break through to the other side. So if the plant is calling you, reserve your spot this season!

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