Top 10 Signs You’re Suffering From Soul Loss

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Did you know it’s possible you could be walking around with missing parts of your soul?
Have you ever felt like a part of you were missing. Like part of your personality, your vitality or your energetic spirit changed after a traumatic situation?
Perhaps you went through a shitty break up and felt like your ex totally ripped your heart out… Afterwards you felt like a piece of you were missing…like you couldn’t find the same joy in life…or like the once open, trusting part of your love turned dark and vindictive.
Maybe you had a particular childhood trauma, like moving a lot when you were young, feeling like you were the odd one out, or living with an abusive parent. Perhaps you were once confident and energetic, but after your childhood self went through it, you began to feel insecure, not good enough, or less happy and alive.
These are all signs of soul loss…
A VERY COMMON and NATURAL reaction the human soul has to a traumatic experience.
Soul loss happens when part of one’s soul disconnects during an incident of trauma, but trauma may mean different things to different people. Trauma can be described as anything threatening to the well-being or perfect health of the soul. When referring to trauma, we must understand that the degree of trauma we suffer is based on our interpretation of the incident. Anything that happens to us and elicits a strong emotional response is relevant, no matter how ‘traumatic’ we may judge it to be. It’s all based on our own personal experiences and no two people react in the same exact way.
So how do you know you’ve lost a piece of your soul? Here are the Top 10 Signs You’re Suffering From Soul Loss.

Top 10 Signs You’re Suffering From Soul Loss

1. Feeling Like Something is Missing. Having the sensation of something missing emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. The sensation that a part of the self is gone. Feeling an internal void.

2. Feeling “Stuck.” Feeling like you can’t move forward since a certain challenging time in your life. Feeling like you’re blocked from advancing through a situation or feeling limitations in general.

3. Foggy Memory Recall/Memory Loss. Feeling like you have large chunks missing from your memory, around times of trauma or for several years at a time, especially during difficult years in childhood.

4. Loss of Joy, Laughter, Innocence or Playfulness. You might feel like you have to be tough, cold, and mature and just make it through life. You’ve lost the sense of childlike wonder you used to have long ago, or perhaps you can’t even remember ever having it.

5. Loss of Brightness in One's Eyes, Smile, or General Energetic Presence. This is often an easier one to spot in others than it is to see in yourself. It manifests as eyes that lack shine, health or vibrancy. They, in turn, become dull, lifeless or flat. The eyes frequently change in brightness when someone talks about something they’re passionate about then dim instantly once someone speaks about a traumatic experience or the situation that caused soul loss. It’s like their light or energy is muted and it shows up instantly in their eyes.

6. Sensation of a Broken, Shattered or Missing Heart. Feeling like your heart has been hurt emotionally and perhaps even physically after heartbreak or other trauma. This same feeling can apply to feeling like your voice is missing and you can’t speak up for yourself, or feeling like your solar plexus is affected which leads us to the general sense of…

7. Loss of power. You feel less powerful than you used to. You may even feel like you gave away your power or as if someone took it away from you and you don’t know how to get it back.

8. Feeling Disconnected. You don’t feel like yourself anymore and feel strained in connecting with yourself or others. You may even feel like you can’t ask for help or aren’t worth being helped.

9. Loss of Physical Energy or Stamina. Feeling drained, like you have lost or disconnected from the source of energy inside which used to fuel your life and your creativity.

10. Sadness and/or General Depression. Feeling the absence of joy or excitement
you used to have before the incident, which caused soul loss. This can turn into depression when you feel so low on energy and joy that you no longer feel like yourself and no longer feel like life is worth living.

Depending on the individual and the extent of the trauma experienced, one might exhibit just one or all of these symptoms with varying levels of intensity. Because everyone is different, we can only assess the extent of soul loss on an individualized basis. Again, no two people are alike and no two reactions are the same in a given situation.


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Kristen Von Foxx

The Shamanatrix