November is Soul Retrieval Month!

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I love spending time with loved ones and friends in November, right before the holidays. It’s a great time to make authentic connections and express gratitude for all the wonderful things in life. And I love to open up that portal of gratitude to say thanks to the universe for enriching my life. Gratitude opens the doors to so many blessings and I wanted to share my gifts of gratitude with you this season.
This November I’m creating a series of live videos on the powerful healing art of soul retrieval.


Because like you, I know what it feels like to struggle through life, missing my power and creative energy after times of hardship.

I spent years in therapy…
Years in church…praying for my power…
Years searching for a way to shift out of old patterns that were haunting me, no matter what I’d do. I’d never realized I was attracting many of these patterns because
I was missing important pieces of my spirit.

But then I learned how to shift my stories of suffering. I found shamanism and the ancient practices that led me back to my soul and I learned my power wasn’t gone for good. I could call back the missing parts of my soul and feel revitalized again!
Grounded in my fullest self.
And feel energized and whole...
Just like the old Kristen, I used to be before all the trauma happened.

And now I’m on a mission, baby!
A mission to share the gift of soul retrieval with those who need it.

For those of you who are ready to shift those old victim stories and call back all your power. So that you can rise into your power, your soul’s success and joy!

So I’ve named November Soul Retrieval Month, where I’ll be sharing my two cents on this amazing healing modality so you can take your next steps to reclaim your vital power again too.

Because what’s life if you’re going through it with missing pieces? Feeling empty inside and sub-par, when you could be feeling vibrant, happy and whole. Now that’s something to be grateful for. And in the spirit of gratitude, I’ll be sharing some important topics on soul retrieval in my Private FB Group, Re-ignite Your Inner Light.

Tune in LIVE this week Wednesday the 14th at 12pm EST to Learn How Trauma Effects the Soul: A Psychotherapeutic Perspective with an Ancient Indigenous Twist!

Then I've got a series of 3 more LIVE videos for you and a FREE Online WebClass!

The Top 10 Tell-Tale Signs Your Missing Pieces of Your Soul
November 17th at12pm EST

How Soul Loss Affects Individuals and their Families and Can be Passed Down the Genetic Line
November 21st at12pm EST

How Soul Loss Creates Negative Patterns of Power Loss and How to Mend Them Easily
November 28th at12pm EST

And then on November 29th at 8pm EST I’ll be hosting a FREE Masterclass on How to Reclaim Your Energy with Soul Retrieval. In this Masterclass you’ll learn the #1 Ancient Secret to Feeling Vibrant, Young and Vital Throughout Life, you’ll Learn 3 Ways Your Energy is Leaking and How to Plug the Leaks and STOP Losing Your Power. And you’ll also learn how to End Old Cycles Keeping You Stuck (that...SPOILER ALERT...can help heal your Ancestral Line too!)

This presentation is loaded with ancient indigenous healing techniques and best-kept secrets to activating your power. So make sure to mark your calendar and show up for this web class! Plus, I’ll be giving away a free spirit activation meditation that will activate your power and attract a total flow of blessings into your life. So make sure you show up and stay to the end of this juicy masterclass. You’ll be happy that you did! You won’t wanna miss it!

And make sure to tune in LIVE on Wednesday, November 14th to my private Facebook group where I’ll be sharing about How Trauma Effects the Soul: A Psychotherapeutic Perspective with an Ancient Indigenous Twist!

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Hope to see you there!
Xoxo Kristen

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