Shamanic Astrology Workshops are Back...Just in Time for Mercury Retrograde (Which starts this Saturday the 17th! BTW)

Mercury Retrograde is coming.jpg

Join us on Thursday, December 6th from 6:30 - 9:30pm for a very special event on the new moon in Sagitarius! We will dive deep into our exploration of the energetic forecast of the planet, using the ancient tools of astrology, palmistry and shamanic journeying. We will go back to the days of the Mystery Schools and explore various practices such as: manifesting your reality and easing into states of bliss, how to contact your guides and move into alignment on your path, and tools for raising your vibration and accelerating your awakening. Any questions regarding these or related topics are welcome as we all help to co-create a beautiful and transformational evening together.

215 West 90th Street, Apt 11E
(between Broadway and Amsterdam)

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