Hold Onto Your Cell Phones, Mercury's About to Go Retrograde Again!

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It’s that time again real soon…Mercury Retrograde will do it’s funny little dance in the sky…on Saturday, November 16-17th to be exact… So, consider this a sweet little heads up.
Mercury is coming…
We’re about to enter into the pre-shadow period of Mercury’s power on Saturday, November 17th, 2018, which will help escort us into the Holiday season until December, 6th, 2018
What does this mean for you? Well, the planet Mercury rules travel, communications, and technology/the electronics we use to communicate through! This is a time to take extra time especially when traveling, speaking with loved ones, and when sending messages. Communications and ghosts from the past often show back up during Mercury Retrograde cycles, giving us a second chance to revisit important themes and learn (and sometimes re-learn) important messages we may not have fully heard from the universe.
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As a general rule, Mercury Retrograde cycles are good for RE-doing things. So, get ready to look over old projects, old agreements, old relationships and incomplete conversations. Basically anything you can redo or recommit to are up for the count. And this can be a crazy good thing. Especially if you have a heads up…(you’re welcome)!
So how can you use this cycle to positively work with these energies?
Here are my recommendations…
1.     Plan ahead and start new things BEFORE the Shadow begins in March. Use these next few weeks wisely! Look at what projects, proposals, and agreements you want to start or sign off on to get an initial move before Mercury goes into it’s shadow on October 28th. Anytime before then is fair game to start new things with ease and grace. Start new things prior to the shadow if possible (October 28th), the time when Mercury begins to slow down in the same territory that it will end up re-transiting not once, but two more times during and after the retrograde.  
2.     Plan some more! Look at what projects need some revisiting, revision and reconsideration. What needs to be redone or re-edited? Any old projects or projects that YOU'VE ALREADY STARTED will be worthwhile to work on come retrograde time, both in the shadow and especially during the full blown retrograde on November 17th.
3.     Play it safe when it comes to traveling, communications, and technology of all kinds. Expect technology and communications (both technological like emails, texts, phone calls) and even in person communications to be a little glitchy. You may have to double check that your messages were received, that your communications were understood so you can make sure to eliminate unnecessary hiccups. Mercury rules travel, communications and techy stuff and can throw some surprises your way. If you give yourself extra time to travel, some space for re-visiting and re-clarifying conversations with colleagues, clients, lovers, friends and family, then you’re setting yourself up for success.
4.     Schedule in extra downtime to revisit YOURSELF. This is a GREAT time to work on healing the past, reconnecting with old friends and going back over events from the past with the intention of mending and healing old wounds.
Know I've got you're back during this wonk time! Feel free to reach out if you need a little extra healing and TLC.
The shadow, which happens before the actual full-blown Mercury retrograde transit (also an important and slightly wonky time) runs from October 28th to November 16th, getting progressively more wonky and intense until Mercury goes stationary to go retrograde on the 17th. This is a day of important communications and otherwise communicative events that will likely set a mood for the entire transit, especially because Mercury will be coming back to the same place in the sky again after it goes direct on December 24th.
Mercury will be it’s good old retro self from the 17th of March to December 24th, shifting stationary to go direct again.
But that’s not all! Remember the shadow stage? Mercury will again be covering old territory after the retrograde transit--the space where it already revisited--from the 6th to the 24th of December So move forward with launches, new relationships and budding projects with some caution because they may still give you a few hiccups as Mercury Retrograde shakes itself out. Come May, all should be in the clear and new things should be flowing again for you in a good way.
To make the most of this time of transit and see EXACTLY HOW this Mercury Retrograde is going to effect you for you, make sure to check out my New Moon Astrology Class I’m teaching at ACA Galleries in Chelsea with the wonderful Vaughn Bergen. Our next monthly circle will be right at the end of the retrograde on the day it goes direct from 6:30-9:30 pm in Manhattan.
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Kristen Von Foxx