How to Shamanic Journey

Ever wonder how to connect to your spirit guides and power animals? It’s not only fun but its also really simple. Today I'm going to lead you on an exciting and EASY Shamanic Journey to Meet Your Spirit Guides utilizing the same ancient shamanic tools that indigenous people have been using for centuries!

Shamanic Journeying is not only an inspiring, fun and illuminating experience, scientific research also shows that using drumming as a tool to induce the shamanic state of consciousness--otherwise known as theta brain state-- is also deeply relaxing and rejuvenating to the mind and body.

Awesome, right? Not only will you meet your spirit guides and receive incredible insights, you’ll also experience DEEP relaxation while doing it!

So, if you’re ready to dive into the shamanic state of consciousness, meet your guides and discover the messages they have for you, check out my free video on How to Shamanic Journey now!

Wishing you the most wonderful journeys,


Your adventurous Shamanatrix,

Kristen Boyer