Spirit Guides and Power Animals


Spirit Guides are all around us. Always wanting to connect. Always wanting to help. If we’re open to connecting and learning from what they have to teach us, that is.

Did you know that whether you’ve connected with them or not, you have a few of them? In fact, you’re born into this world with guides who look over you, offer protection and have specific lessons and messages for you. And your guides might even change over time. You may get new ones for new chapters in your life…a move, change in career or through another transition or transformational period.

And you can call new guides into your life if you desire guidance, support and help in any situation.

There are plenty of ways to learn who your guides are and you can check them out through my easy to follow Shamanic Journeying Video here. You can also pay attention to the animals and symbols that come into your life. You can do this by paying attention to common themes, animals and archetypes that you feel connected to, and the symbols and energies that show up in your dreams.

For example, there was a period in grad school where I dreamt about cats almost every single night and when I researched cats as a “power animal” or “totem” I learned that cats are all about independence, sexuality, and the divine feminine, which were themes that deeply resonated with me at the time.

If you’re wondering about the energy about certain teachers and symbolic animals coming into your life then check out my video on Spirit Guides and the Wonderful Ways they Teach Us here!