Venus goes Direct, FREE Heart Chakra Webinar and love quiz, just in time for Spring!

Flowers are in bloom, the days are getting longer, brighter and warmer and spring is finally here! Woo hoo! If you’re an east coaster like me you’re probably just as thrilled as I am to finally say goodbye to old man winter (and good riddance…for now at least!)


And just as spring has arrived, so has the vibe of love.


Just about everyone in my life has been talking about desiring new romantic relationships and it’s the perfect time to plant new seeds for attracting love, especially because Venus--the goddess planet of love and beauty has gone stationary to go direct today in Pisces, which means that the energy for moving forward in relationships has finally given us the green light to pursue our romantic desires.


For the last 42 days, Venus was in retrograde motion, taking us on a whimsical, and sometimes challenging and uncomfortable journey (thanks, Venus) through the past, through old romantic relationships and old patterns so that we could revisit, review, re-examine and re-work some of the old romantic skeletons in the closet and get more clear and ‘baggage-free’ to make new, beautiful advances in our love life.


And the styles and patterns in which we love don’t just start in our romantic relationships. They start in our parent-child relations (ever wonder why you’re attracting that daddy/mommy pattern energy?). Eww, right?


So it’s important to look at how your ingrained patterns of relating may be blocking you from stepping into healthy new partnerships…the ones that you’ve probably been wishing for but may be too afraid to actually step into when they finally arrive.


And we’ve all had those experiences where we want something better, healthier, sexier and damn near perfectly awesome then get cold fee when the opportunity presents itself to us.


And why is that?


Because we’re stepping into a new vibration that fits us better but can also be scary as sh*t!


But guess what!!


I’ve got some AMAZING FREE tools for you to identify what’s blocking your heart from attracting and stepping into the relationships you want. So I’m not gonna leave you high and dry here!


As part of a webinar and Masterclass series called Healing the Chakras: Mindfulness and Creative Arts Therapies, Briana MacWilliam and I have been going through each chakra and giving you tools to unblock, reaffirm and manifest through each chakra and we’ve finally arrived at my favorite chakras…the Heart!!! (Sigh…I’m such a Libra)


And because the best things in life ARE FREE, like LOVE, we wanted to invited you to our FREE Heart Chakra Webinar this upcoming Wednesday, April 19th at 8pm EST where we’ll be talking about attachment styles, psychological relationship patterning, and how to step into healthy partnerships.


This is definitely a free event you won’t want to miss! So Sign up for Free HERE.


And to give you a head start on getting clearer about where you stand in your own way and block the development of healthy partnerships, I want to invite you to take this FREE QUIZ to identify your attachment style


So make sure to join in this Wednesday at 8pm EST for our FREE Heart Chakra Webinar, and get your heart healing on with me and Briana so that when that special someone comes along you can fully embrace it and receive those juicy love vibes because nothing will be holding you back anymore!




Your double Libra, hopeless romantic, in love with love Shamanatrix