How I Became The Shamanatrix

Sometimes you just have to get real.
Tell the truth.
Be at your most vulnerable so you can be the most real version of yourself possible.
Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone so you can step into your power and step into the best version of yourself possible.
Own your shadow. Embrace your light.
Today I just did the scariest and most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever done or dreamed of doing. I put myself out there on YouTube, telling my story of who I am, how I got here, and why I’m so passionate about what I do.
And I got real.
This was incredibly hard for me because I know how controversial and dark some of my story is. Maybe you already know some of my story and my colorful past, maybe that’s why we’re connected now, or maybe you have no idea who I was or what I went through to get here.
But at the end of the day—my shadowy past, and my unique experiences I’ve had along the road of life—are the reason I’m doing this shamanic healing work. And for all it, I am eternally grateful.
For the last year I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create a new platform for sharing the same shamanic tools that have given me purpose, power, and a second chance at life.
I’ve been working on rebranding and re-launching as “The Shamanatrix” because I’m ready to own every aspect of my self, my story and my purpose, and because I want to offer you even more tools to reclaim your power and your life.
Because YOU’RE worth it. Every little bit of you. Every smidgen. Every freckle. Every flaw. Because you are your own closest ally. Especially when you embrace every bit of your self, whether you like all of those parts or not.
See, we all have shadow and sometimes we run from our past, our traumas, our stories and we intentionally disown some part of our self that could actually be our most powerful part. But that usually just causes more pain, self-splitting and sadness.
And it’s these wounds that want our love, acceptance and attention so we can truly heal them and embrace them for the wisdom and power they contain.
So today I want to challenge you to give a little bit more love to yourself.
All of yourself.
Especially the parts that maybe you don’t usually value, nurture or nourish. I want you to cut yourself a break and be gentle and easy on that part of yourself. And I want you to embrace it with everything you’ve got. And thank this part of yourself for existing, for showing up as a powerful teacher.
And then I want you to listen. And see what beautiful message this part of you has for yourself. Because I bet you there’s loads of wisdom in that little part of yourself. And sometimes we’ve got to get real with ourselves to get at it.
But I guarantee there’s a message there for you.
And that it’s gold, and that if you embrace it, accept it and love it exactly as is, that you’ll begin to love yourself more and become even more awesomely powerful than you already are.
So will you do that for me?
Will you do that for you?
I hope you do. Because I want to see you shine, my friend. I really do.
And I want you to check out my story of how I became The Shamanatrix. Because I’m ready to get real with you. And because I want to continue this dialogue and offer you a ton of free meditations, journeys, and information about shamanic healing because I want you to have all the tools possible to be in your power and shine your radiant light.
Because you’re worth it.
So make sure to subscribe to my channel to learn more! I’ll be offering free videos on my new YouTube Channel, The Shamanatrix Corner, every two weeks. You won't wanna miss any of it…I promise.

How I Became the Shamanatrix
Big hugs and high fives for embracing all of your fantastic self! Magic until next time,
Kristen Boyer
The Shamanatrix