Being an Empath is Whelming: Learn How to Protect Your Energy

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Have you ever had that needy client, friend, family member [insert energy vampire person you know here] who you’ve been trying to help but who just drains the life outta you? Maybe it’s someone you just can’t avoid, like a co-worker, or perhaps it’s someone you really want to help like a client or friend, but no matter what, after spending a few minutes with them you feel sucked dry, or even heavy with their vibes—like you’ve somehow taken on the weight of their world.

Or maybe you’re just super empathic and you FEEL EVERYTHING…so no matter where you go you feel the sadness, anxiety, anger and frustration of the collective.

Forget about even turning on the news…!

Crappy fake news vibes!! Ahhhh!

Well then you already know that some energy can be super HEAVY and can be really hard to shake once its founds its way to you.

Maybe you experience it as a lack of energy after seeing clients all day…

Or maybe it’s like a creepy, crawly dirty sensation that doesn’t just wipe away so easily…

Well, did you know there’s a way to work with people all day—even if they’re super negative and bring you down—that doesn’t sap your bright life force…?

A way to be around these energy vampires and actually feel solid, empowered and free…!

Well, there sure is and it’s all simplified for you in my How to Protect Your Energy Webinar, because when you come from a place of being solid and clear you can offer so much more of your wonderful gifts with the world! The best part is you get to leave these potentially energetically draining situations feeling clear, grounded and free!

 You get to be at your best—no matter what—and stay in those good juicy vibes all day long! Woohoo! Now THAT’s what I’m talking about!

No more burn out…

No more carrying the burden of your whole entire family…


No more heavy energy keeping you from feeling happy, inspired and free to do the amazing work you’re here to do!

 Does that sounds good to you?

The best part is I make this energy stuff easy to understand and all of the exercises I’ll be teaching you are tailored to your energy so you discover new ways of stepping into YOUR authentically awesome vibration while MAINTAINING that vibration no matter what!

So make sure to register for my upcoming How to Protect Your Energy Webinar and in the meantime, if you’d like to become a part of our growing tribe of positive, empowering, and curious truth seekers like yourself, join our supportive community of healers and conscious thinkers today! We’re committed to sharing and promoting effective techniques that STRENGTHEN each other’s natural gifts, confidence and positive energy. Ready to feel inspired, uplifted, and embrace your power? Your soul tribe awaits you in remembering who you are and inspiring you through your growth don’t have to do it alone! Join us HERE.


Hope to see you there!




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