Welcome to 2018 Winter Eclipse Season

Eclipse Season! Astrology! Shamanic Journeying! Palm Reading! Oh my...

Well, damn....

Eclipse Season is officially here! Can you feel it? Did yesterday's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (+Blue Moon, Blood Moon, Super Moon) have you facing BIG internal and external shifts? Did any unexpected events occur or did some old stories rise to the surface to be reviewed and released?

Well, if they did then you can thank the lovely Leo Moon for bringing her fiery vibes for transformation and taking new action around stepping more fully into your masculine/feminine balance within and into your truest, most authentic self!

So forget the old facades, the old barriers, all the things that have been blocking you from your most real sense of creative expression...

Leo shows us it's time to embrace ourselves in all that we are.

And I'm here to help you with that too...

Eclipse season is here for the next few weeks and I want to give you some tools to help navigate this time with self awareness, playfulness, and some help from your good old trusty spirit guides!

The next Solar Eclipse occurs in alignment with the New Moon In Aquarius and this is a great time to tap into your spiritual toolkit to make the most out of this great astrological experience.


Join us on Thursday, February 15th 6:30-9:30pm for a powerful shamanic new moon/solar eclipse astrology circle in the middle of a beautiful Chelsea art gallery!


Our circle begins with a sacred tobacco ceremony, guided meditation and planetary ‘forecast’ as an educational tool to understand the forces and current planetary influences.

We’ll be led through a shamanic journey to connect in with our guides and find the best way to navigate this transformative transit as well as use essential oils to facilitate the journey. At the end Vaughn will be doing complementary palm readings while we sip high vibe tea and connect with community.


Energy Exchange $35: Get Your Tickets HERE!!
($40 at the door)

ACA Galleries
529 West 20th Street, #5E
New York, NY 10011

About the Facilitators:

Kristen Boyer is shamanic psychologist and holistic health counselor in New York City. Kristen combines her training is psychotherapy, art therapy, nutrition, and shamanism to empower her clients to become liberated and whole through shamanic healing.


Vaughn Bergen has been studying palmistry even since he learned to read. His first teacher was his mother, a master of palmistry who recently published the most comprehensive book on palmistry in over 100 years (The Art and Science of Hand Reading, Inner Traditions, NY). He is also a student of his mother’s teacher and senior writing partner, Ellen Goldberg. Vaughn is delighted to share his gallery space with you and is looking forward to being your guide towards self-discovery.


Billie Hughes helps others create a life they love!  Her highly personalized approach incorporates balanced wellness and brave, authentic exploration.  Using intuition and expertise gained from a career in social work, she soundly understands how environment can affect one’s life, perspective and choices.

Billie is a New Yorker who celebrates her Montana roots.  She loves the vast expanse and wide-open skies and feels exhilarated and humbled by nature.  doTERRA’s pure essential oils allow her to experience that bit of nature, in the middle of Manhattan.  Billie uses essential oils to inspire and heal herself, her family and anyone who seeks a lifestyle of natural, safe and healthy solutions.

Billie believes in honoring one’s innate ability to discover truth and meaning.  She applies a variety of mediums and tools to develop trust and confidence in these soulful and joyful expressions.  Billie works with individuals, groups, corporate teams and not-for-profit organizations to address diverse needs.

To learn more about Billie’s work, visit www.ExpressiveEndeavors.com