Day 3 of the Shadow Shifting Challenge

Welcome to Day 3 of the Challenge!

If you’re ready to Cut the CRAP and SHED The Old Stories and Patterns holding you BACK from YOUR GREATNESS, then the TIME is NOW!

Because we're about to do some DEEEEEEEEEEP Shedding like the snake!

Check out the last video on SHEDDING Now!

If you’re ready to ACTIVATE your SUPERPOWERS and Reclaim Your LIGHT from Life?

What you learned in this 3-Day Challenge is just a tiny piece of how to clear negative energies in my Shamanic Healing program, Truly Transformation. Add the practice of soul retrieval and other shamanic healing modalities and you have an amazing healing toolkit that can change your life!

Let me become your spirit guide in human form to take you on a Truly Transformative Journey through the crucial steps to coming into your power.
I teach you all the juiciest bits of my shamanic training (with 12+ shamans around the world), Psychology, and Holistic Nutrition to support you in mind, body, and soul through SOUL TRANSFORMATION.
I’ve created this badass step-by-step program to take you through each step to become WHOLE through soul retrieval, entity clearing, chakra balancing, ancestral healing, tapped in divination, past-life healing, desire manifestation and stepping into your soul’s divinity like NEVER before.

In Truly Transformation You’ll:

  •          Get in touch with your juiciest desires and meet your enlightened team of personal guides.

  •          Clear out fears, anxieties, and traumas from your body, mind and spirit and the cords holding you back from achieving your dreams.

  •          Learn about the chakra systems, or energy centers of your body, and how to clear them out to let your intuitive energy flow in.

  •          Connect in with your ancestors for healing and clear the old wounds they experienced that are keeping you stuck since before you were even born. 

  •          Learn how to connect in with your lost power and heal your spirit through soul retrieval.

  •          Experience deep clearing of negative energies and entities that have been feeding off your energy and holding you back from rising into your power.

  •          Learn powerful techniques to stop old unwanted patterns from ruining your life.

  •          Utilize tools for empowering your energy, raising your vibration and manifesting the joy and power you want!

  •          Rewrite the stories of trauma and suffering to create a new narrative of success!            

And you don’t need to have any prior experience with shamanism, energy healing or soul retrieval to work with me through this course. You just need to be open, ready and willing to invest the time and energy into creating the lasting changes you want!

Sound like Truly Transformation is the next step in Your Journey? 

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