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Have you ever felt like a part of you was missing? Like your energy, vitality, confidence or ability to love was just gone?
Challenging life experiences befall the best of us, and sometimes these traumas make an imprint on our soul. Whether you suffered the loss of a loved one, a difficult break up, or childhood trauma, these events create feelings of emptiness, like part of the soul is weathered or drained, and sometimes even just gone. Many of us plow through life with missing pieces never realizing a solution exists for recovering these parts of the soul; a solution that’s been around for hundreds of thousands of years, practiced by indigenous peoples all over the world, called soul retrieval.
In this enlightening book we’ll explore these ancient shamanic healing methods for reclaiming pieces of the soul, with step-by-step exercises for self-healing and soul retrieval. Be Wholey You combines wisdom from core shamanic practices, modern psychology and current scientific research to support the effectiveness of utilizing shamanic practices in modern healing. We’ll investigate the impact of inter-generational traumas passed down through changes in DNA, soul losses related to the body and organ systems after physical distress, and traumas transferred to individuals from previous lifetimes. Engaging clinical case studies illustrate exactly how soul retrieval works in an informative, inspirational and easy-to-apply way.  
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This book Nerd,
Kristen Von Foxx