Tantra Punk Podcast

I'm delighted to have worked with the talented and wonderfully insightful Ben Lawson of Tantra Punk, founder of the Tantra Task Force and investigator of shamanic, tantric, and ecological healing arts. Makes sure to check Ben out and all of the amazing things he's up to at Tantrapunk.com.

Together we had a really interesting interview and dialogue about combining sacred sexuality with shamanism. If you'd like to check that out you can access that interview here:

Listen to the Podcast HERE

Episode #56: In this episode I’m am joined by Kristen Boyer. She caught my attention in a you tube video of a panel discussion on eros and entheogens. She described a recent chapter of her life as a profesional shamanatrix. I had dreamt of  such an archetype several years ago as I began to be intiated into the mysteries of sexual healing with psychedelic goddess worship

She has graciously blessed the podcast by sharing a bit from her memoires and engaging in a visioneering session with me on a more holistic and empowered future for dommes and their clients.


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