Private Dragon’s Blood Ceremonies
Coupled with Soul Retrieval Healing

Dragon's Blood is a versatile healing plant and has the power to flush out bacteria, viruses and toxins from the system. Dragon’s Blood is also useful in releasing energetic blocks, clearing negative energy and bad luck. In these sacred Shipibo style ceremonies I combine the transformative energy of Dragon’s Blood and Soul Retrieval to support my clients in releasing the old baggage and stepping into their true, clear, vibrant self!

Truly Transformation
Shamanic Coaching Program

In Truly Transformation I help you go from drained and stuck in the old patterns to energized and free to create the life of your choosing. Because when you reclaim your lost power from traumatic cycles, you raise your vibration and begin to attract new cycles that honor your energy and reflect the life you really want to live! In Truly Transformation I take you through all the important steps to transform and heal your life, taking a holistic approach, utilizing nutrition, shamanic healing, art therapy and psychology to support you in all areas.

Be Wholey You | Dragon’s Blood Tour
August-September 2019

I’m taking my healing medicine on the road to the West Coast this Summer on the way to my wedding at Burning Man this August 2019! My hunny and I are taking to the road and are making some stops along to way for group Dragon’s Blood Ceremonies and Book signings for my newest book: Be Wholey You: How to Bounce Back from Any Challenging Life Experience with Soul Retrieval. Check out the destinations and dates for our tour this August-September of 2019!