Soul Retrieval is the CORE of my work.

If you’ve never heard of it before, soul retrieval is an ancient shamanic healing practice that taps into the energy, vitality, and pieces of power we give away and sometimes lose because of stress and trauma. Or when we give it away. Maybe you lost a piece of yourself through a difficult relationship, or maybe through a sudden change, disappointment, or shocking event that caused some of your spirit to ‘check out.’

Soul loss creates voids in our energy bodies. Voids we may try to fill with love & relationships, addictions, distractions (porn, TV, social media). But, none of these satiate the real need to feel whole again. Consequently, these voids become filled with illness (your shields of self are down), parasites, addiction, cycles of circumstances (abandonment, domestic abuse, inability to stand your ground/speak your truth) and may perpetuate behaviors and thought patterns that do not serve your happiest and highest good.

Soul Retrieval returns the authentic sense of self, confidence, power, vitality, clarity, and passion you may be missing from childhood, your lineage and lifetimes before!

Soul Parts Return Pieces of Your Power

Whether you’ve lost your confidence, voice, sexual desire, passion for life, trust, or your ability to love openly after being hurt…

These pieces have the opportunity to come back to you, realign with your energy & power with amazing abilities that can change your life. These missing soul parts bring back vitality and undiscovered gifts of power you may have never experienced or forgot about because they left, that can then help you by showing up where you may have felt stuck or checked out, letting old programming and fears take the lead instead of your magnificence.

Get pieces of your soul back and feel empowered, joyful, and soulful again.

Get Your:

  • Heart Back from your Ex (and trust/energetic investment/joy…)

  • Inner Child from Family Trauma, Suffering or Betrayal

  • Energy and Innocence Back from Life ~& Create a New Life

  • Power Back from a Parent, Lover, Boss or Friend

  • Power to End all Unwanted Cycles by Accessing Your True Power using the ancient shamanic art of Soul Retrieval


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  • Heal yourself with soul retrieval, even if you’ve never heard of it before!

  • Tap into Your Own Divine Intuition on a Deeper Level with Your Spirit Guides, even if you never met any before!

  • Get Your Energy Back from Previous Lifetimes Traumas & Unconsciously Ingrained Stories from the Past (+ Deep Ancestral Healing for both your Lineage and Soul Family)


Dragon’s Blood

These days I only work with a small number of clients ready to go deep and heal their lives on the deepest level I offer. I combine the purgative healing workshops with Dragon’s Blood, along with personalized shamanic soul retrieval healing sessions to help my tribe Shed, Grown, and Ascend

Private 1:1 & Couples Sessions

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