Be Wholey You (5 Book Bundle)

Be Wholey You (5 Book Bundle)


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Have you ever felt like a part of you was missing? Like your energy, vitality, confidence or ability to love was just gone?

Challenging life experiences befall the best of us, and sometimes these traumas make an imprint on the soul. Whether you've suffered the loss of a loved one, a difficult break up, or childhood trauma, these events sometimes create feelings of emptiness (like part of the soul is weathered, drained or gone. Many of us plow through life with missing pieces, never realizing that the solution has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, practiced by indigenous peoples all over the world, called soul retrieval.

In this enlightening book we’ll explore these ancient shamanic healing methods for re-empowering the soul, with step-by-step exercises for self healing and self-discovery.

Be Wholey You combines wisdom from core shamanic practices, modern psychology and breakthroughs in current scientific research on the effectiveness of utilizing shamanic states of consciousness in modern healing work. Engaging clinical case studies illustrate precisely how soul retrieval works in an informative, inspirational and easy-to-understand way. Meditation exercises guide the reader to integrate this knowledge and practice it in their own self-healing routine.

So are you ready to get your soul parts back?

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See what people are saying about Be Wholey You…

  • “This book and soul retrieval changed my life. Having a deep understanding of why certain things in my life were out of balance and why other things simply weren’t coming together and then actually having tools to clear those blocks is powerful! I’ve worked with Kristen and experienced huge breakthroughs in confidence, family dynamics, and personal relationships but this book finally gave me an in depth understanding of the work she does and how to do it for myself. Highly highly recommend to anyone who wants to be able to do the same.”

- J. Martinez

  • “This book is an activation, and just reading it sets you in deeper spiritual motion with more awareness of what is happening on a deeper level. It strengthened my power as a healer to read this book. It can help anyone who is interested in reclaiming their power, freedom, and joy in life. More people should know about the miracle of soul retrieval.”

- Lena Anderson

  • “BUY THIS BOOK! After reading a few chapters of the book, I felt Kristen was speaking directly to me and I booked her services right away. After working with her, I feel so much lighter and clear and it’s almost like when you wipe fog off of a mirror. This book was so helpful in my life journey and I really appreciate it so much!”

    - Jason Schaffner