How Long Will You Put Off Reclaiming Your Power?

The change we seek doesn’t just come around every day and then WAIT for us to wake the f*ck up and listen. It doesn’t stand there with flowers for decades, hoping we’ll open the door and let the love in.
If you’ve been praying for CHANGE and to step into your power, then what the f*ck are you waiting for?
Another opportunity to come around in a few years that you may or may not have the courage to TAKE?

Some people let their whole lives pass them by and choose not to make the changes their souls are craving to take.
They say, “I’ll start that tomorrow,”… “or I’ll do it next week,” or I’ll make that my next New Year’s Resolution. But they make a new excuse the very next day, the next week and in the new year.
Have you ever been one of these people?
Some people wait LIFETIMES just to heal the exact traumas keeping their souls stuck! 
Can you imagine having to come back AGAIN just to suffer the same struggles around feeling abandoned by the ones you love, getting close to having success in your life then losing it all, attracting partners who are in love with someone else {or whatever the heck your personal pattern is}…
So I’ll ask you, how long are you willing to wait to reclaim your right to your personal power, how long are you going to put off healing the old wounds for yourself, your family and your future?
Because you’re not getting any younger my dear. I love you, but you’re not, and I truly wish someone came and knocked me upside the head to tell me not to wait another day when I felt stuck too.
I’m grateful that the universe had my best intentions in mind when they allowed my ex-husband to empty my bank account and f*ck off to his home country leaving me with nothing. I’m so glad the universe helped me lose it all so I could make space for something new, like a path of shamanic healing and empowerment.
So let me be that gentle voice through your inbox to say, IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP.
Because if you don’t you’ll just stay stagnant.
Stuck attracting the same old patterns you already know you don’t want.
Let me help you out of the rut. Invest in yourself and SHOW UP to receive the abundance of good the universe is asking me to bring you now.
In Truly Transformation I take you on a Shamanic Healing Journey to activate the depths of your truest power.
In Week 1 We Focus on Finding Your True North…and Getting Grounded and Clear
Go from Scattered and Suffering to Grounded and Clear. We start with a sacred intention setting ceremony where we burn away all the fears and crap getting in the way of our goals. You’ll learn ancient techniques for connecting in with your guides and assemble your sacred spirit team to help you rise into your highest vibe.
In Week 2 We Activate Soul Embodiment as You Step into Your True Temple 
Go from checked out of body to strong and embodied as we work on making your temple safe and sacred for your soul and power to fully reside in. For many of us who’re empathic and have been through trauma, it can be hard to stay connected to the body. Old defense mechanisms of checking out and leaving the body happen when the soul feels threatened or scared. In this module, we focus on healing the physical body, eating in alignment with our body type, and how to release physical blocks through a series of easy to use techniques.
In Week 3 We Cleanse Your Chakras and Practice Building Blocks to Renewed Energy that Rocks!  
Go from clogged up with crap to flowing freely and Fab. In module 3 we dive into the chakras and discover where you’re harboring old stories and blocks that are ready to be transformed into wisdom and power. We discover how to deepen our relationships with our guides and how to re-energize our physical and energetic bodies!  
In Week 4 We Anchor in with your Ancestors

Go from recreating the past to liberation at last, for yourself and for your entire lineage. Many of us are unfortunately carrying old stories of suffering from our ancestors without being aware of it. Trauma effects DNA and any unresolved challenges from ancestors past is transferred down the line until we change it. In this module, we’ll be diving deeper into our shamanic tools to connect in with our ancestors, learn their stories and what got stuck, so we can clear it and heal our lives now. We’ll use ritual and journeys to honor our lineage and connect more fully with their power and support. We have the ability to change the stories handed down to us and heal our future bloodline. The deep work to free our future starts here!
In Week 5 You’ll Learn How to Retrieve Your Soul & Become More Whole  
Go from missing power to re-inspired as we delve deeper into self-healing with soul retrieval. When the spirit feels threatened or unsafe parts of the soul may leave the body, creating feelings of emptiness, like part of the soul is weathered or drained, and sometimes even just gone. Many of us plow through life with missing pieces never realizing a solution exists for recovering these parts of the soul; a solution that’s been around for hundreds of thousands of years, practiced by indigenous peoples all over the world, called soul retrieval. In this module, we’ll explore these ancient shamanic healing methods for reclaiming pieces of the soul, with step-by-step exercises for self-healing and soul retrieval.
In Week 6 We Shift Out the Shadows
Go from Cycles of Old to Re-writing your Soul’s Code as we clear out the cobwebs and energetic skeletons from the closet. Some of our old wounds and demons keep us small, blocked from stepping into our power and achieving our all. In this module we’ll be journeying deeper into our darkness, anxieties, and fears and liberating these old limitations for good, transmuting them into sheer wisdom, compassion and power. 
In Week 7 Learn to Be Your Bestest Manifestress (or Manifestor!): Curating the Change You Want  
Go from abused and unenthused to creating a life you love and choose! In this module, I share my best-kept secrets to manifesting the life you want by using sacred shamanic rituals to materialize your dreams. We’ll be getting clear and putting our best intentions and magic into recreating a new life that meets us where we’re rising to!
In Week 8 We Focus on Balancing and Integration of all the amazing tools we’ve learned and used. It’s time for that UPGRADE, baby!
Go from full to balanced and whole. In our very last module, we’ll learn how to integrate and nurture the incredible uploads and up-leveling we’ve been doing in a way that nourishes and sustains us for the long run!
So…Will, you join me by getting on a call to see how you can Truly Transform with me now?
Because you’re getting this message from me for a reason and it’s not to stay stuck any longer. It’s to THRIVE.