Alchemize the Painful 💔 Past into Your Power 💪 in the New Year


OMG Can you believe that it's already the last day on 2018? 

What big shifts happened for you this past year? What did you accomplish? What resolutions did you make that you honored and that brought you growth?

For many of us, 2018 was a year of extreme growing pains. The planets shifted into more retrograde cycles than I can remember which pressured us to look back and revisit old cycles, wounds and situations that still needed a little work and a bunch of breakthroughs! 

For much of the year I stayed quiet, went deep within, and had to do my own healing work on myself. It was a regenerative and sometimes super tough time but came with huge new milestones for growth too!

In 2018 I published my 2nd book, Be Wholey You as a tool to help people all over the world get their power back...

I came out of the closet and stepped into my calling as a medicine woman by activating my initiation with the plants and serve Dragon's Blood to those who were ready to shed the old and clear the crap to make space for the new...

I let love in deeper and said yes to getting engaged to my loving and supportive partner...

And, with the help of my spirit guides and higher self, I heeded the important call to step into my power as a teacher to assist those in Total Transformation and realized I was doing a huge disservice to YOU and all my clients by staying small, not sharing my teachings or stepping into my power fully (After all...I am a 10 of Clubs which is THE TEACHERS CARD!) And now, as I've stepping into my 33rd year (my Jesus Year!) I've decided to take ACTION and provide you with more Powerful CONTENT, TEACHINGS and VALUE so you can step more fully into YOUR GREATNESS TOO!

Because the time to stay wounded, stuck in the old patterns and pain are dying out with 2018.

The Energy of 2019 is ASKING YOU to STEP THE FRICK UP INTO WHO YOU REALLY ARE AND ARE MEANT TO BE IN THIS WORLD. And I'm ACCEPTING my DIVINE PURPOSE in life to help you step into the best version of yourself possible, which is exactly why I created my 8-Week Shamanic Healing Program, Truly Transformation. It starts in exactly 7 Days!
In Truly Transformation I help you go from drained and stuck in the old patterns to energized and free to create the life of your choosing. Because when you reclaim your lost power from traumatic cycles, you raise your vibration and begin to attract new cycles that honor your energy and reflect the life you really want to live!
Sounds much better than being stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel of suffering, yeah?
In Truly Transformation I take you through all the important steps to transform and heal your life. I take a holistic approach, utilizing all of my training in nutrition, shamanic healing, art therapy and psychology to support you in all areas.
I help you work through the layers of trauma and get to the root of your concerns, so you can truly transform those wounds into tools for your empowerment.
In Truly Transformation you will:

  • Get in touch with your juiciest desires

  • Meet your enlightened team of personal guidesClear out fears, anxieties and traumas from your body, mind and spirit and the cords holding you back from achieving your dreamsLearn about the chakra systems, or energy centers of your body, and how to clear them out to let your intuitive energy flowConnect in with you ancestors for healing and clear the old wounds they experienced that are keeping you stuck since before you were even bornLearn how to connect in with your lost power and heal your spirit through soul retrievalExperience deep clearing of negative energies and entities that have been feeding off your energy and holding you back from rising into your powerLearn powerful techniques to stop old unwanted patterns from ruining your lifeUtilize tools for empowering your energy, raising your vibration and manifesting the joy and power you really want!

In Truly Transformation You Get:
- Live Online Workshops
- Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies to Step More Fully Into your Power
- Support from my DREAM TEAM of Master Healers and ME
- Lifetime Access to and LIVE Content with Extra Online Support