Ready to Shed the Old Like the Snake Does His Skin?

Let the Shadow Shifting Challenge Begin!

It’s the season for shedding the old and outdated so the new can come in!

Just as the snake sheds his skin. 

Just ask my pet snake, Jasper! As we’ve been going through these last few tumultuous weeks (have you been feeling it?!?) so has he as he’s been outgrowing the old and letting it all go. A wonderful lesson for all of us to allow the old to release so we can come into our own new skins!

And just in time for the Winter solstice!

The Winter Solstice is a time of looking deep within, getting clear on my goals, and clearing out the shadows keeping me from stepping into action around the manifestation of my dreams.

Join me for a FREE Solstice Shadow Shifting Challenge where we'll be dedicating 3 days to clearing out the negative thoughts, behaviors, and vibes that have you stuck in the past, just in time for a fresh new start in the Winter Season.


Because who the heck wants to drag the shadows into the next season? I don't know about you, but I want 2019 to be powerful and fresh!

Join me this week on Wednesday the 19th, Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st as we do some collective shedding together in my Solstice Shifting Challenge!

 Join the challenge HERE!

It’s all happening in my private Facebook Group Re-Ignite Your Inner Light with Soul Retrieval so make sure to join the group now and show up at 12 pm EST for the Live Challenge!