Soul's Purpose Activation


The Winter solstice is quickly approaching and as it marks the shortest and darkest day of the year— and an important time to go inward and activate our purpose and power.

This year, I’m here to offer you a special invitation to go deeper into exploring and activating your purpose during this special portal of time. 
I’m teaming up with a dear brother of mine and gifted acupuncturist, Julian Keenan to offer a shamanic acupuncture activation where we’ll be stimulating specific meridian channels that connect to the awakening of your soul’s purpose while simultaneously using shamanic tools to connect you to your soul’s superpowers. 
Through these modalities, we’ll be connecting into our power, soul’s purpose and activating our divine magic! Join us for this special and intimate Soul’s Purpose Activation on Friday, December 21st at 8-10pm.


Exchange: $60 Earlybird/ $75 at the door
Space is limited for an intimate evening of awakening so reserve your spot now!
Kristen Von Foxx: Shamanic practitioner, author, and speaker, The Shamanatrix, Kristen Von Foxx empowers individuals who’ve been affected by trauma to reclaim their power through an ancient healing modality called soul retrieval. She combines psycho-therapeutic practice, holistic nutrition and art therapy with shamanic healing techniques from indigenous societies to assist individuals in personal transformation. It’s become Foxx’s personal mission to educate, inspire, and empower those who’ve been touched by all forms of trauma to reconnect with their power through the use of indigenous wisdom and healing.

About Julian...Julian Keenan Grow, founder of Sacred Silence Acupuncture clinic in Brooklyn is a New York State licensed acupuncturist and holds a Masters of Science in traditional Chinese medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He prefers a treatment strategy which addresses the physical, emotional, and energetic complexities of an individual, as well as empowers them in the ascension of the path they have walked thus far. He views acupuncture as an initiative catalyst for larger healing processes and a pillar of support for existing processes in play. 

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