It's Always Good to Get a Sign


One thing I love about the shamanic path is that you don't have to press yourself to think to hard...because the universe is always offering SIGNS for your next move. That is if you aren't ignoring them!

Well, I'm grateful because I've been getting a bunch recently--so many that I just can't ignore. Which is a good thing because they all have to do with teaching the fundamentals of shamanism to YOU!

That's right! I'm putting together an intensive weekend retreat
for the certification course

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying and Power Animal Retrieval
Saturday September 15-16 Weekend



Introduction to Shamanic Journeying and Power Animal Retrieval Course- Certification and Part of the Pre-Requisite Series for Shamanic Soul Retrieval Training

led by Kristen Boyer, Shamanic Practitioner

Discover how to navigate the magical world of shamanism and spirit guides in this weekend intensive workshop. Learn about the history and power of ancient shamanic healing practices and experience divine spiritual connection with your helping spirits in live guided drumming meditations. Connect with your personal spirit guides, receive spiritual counseling from your guides, and learn how to give and receive powerful shamanic healings. Meet your personal guides and spirit teachers AND learn how to find someone else’s Power Animal.

This is part of the pre-requisite training for Shamanic Soul Retrieval.

No previous experience required.


In this weekend intensive you will:

  • Utilize drumming and rattling to self induce trance for personal journeywork
  • Connect with your spirit guides for divination, healing and personal transformation
  • Learn how to work with elemental helping spirits in your journey work
  • Learn how to safely work on others with the use of your spirit guides and teachers
  • Learn techniques to build right relationship with your spirit guides
  • Learn the basics of shamanic journey work and how it is useful in daily life
  • Use art and authentic movement to connect with and honor your guides
  • Learn how to find and retrieve other people's lost power animals
  • Learn how to connect with your guides through shamanic journey dance


Gain certification in shamanic journeywork as a basis for future certifications in shamanic healing work through the Shamanatrix Institute of Healing

Cost for the weekend intensive is $397 which includes the weekend retreat, workshop supplies and lunch for both days

To Reserve your spot you must make a deposit of $200
There are limited seats in this course so you'll want to reserve your spot today!

For more information and a detailed Itinerary please visit my event page!

This will be the only LIVE training of it's kind so act now and reserve your spot by RSVPing to

LIVE Webinar: March 8th, 2017

Applicable for self help and mental health professionals.

(1.5 Live event, continuing education contact hours for LCATs in New York State.)

In this course, we will explore mindfulness-based practices in treatment, using the Root Chakra as a frame for understanding the impact of energetic imbalances in the body, which arise from deficits in early attachment relationships. We will explore how these imbalances create limiting beliefs that perpetuate unhealthy patterns of living and loving, in adulthood.

Participants of this event will be able to identify the following on a multiple choice quiz and learning assessment, which will be part of the course evaluation:

  • Name the shadow aspect of the Root Chakra.
  • Identify at least two observable behaviors of someone experiencing Root Chakra imbalances.
  • Name one guided meditation that may be used in working with Root Chakra imbalances.

This will be a live webinar event, open to questions, comments and discussion with participants.

To Register for our first Root Chakra Webinar Click HERE

I'm also revving up to share with you our NEW Live Mastermind Class I've been diligently developing for YOU with the wonderful and talented Art Therapist, Briana MacWilliam called Healing Through the Chakras Mindfulness and Creative Arts Therapies.

In this Mastermind course we’ll be diving into each of the 7 Chakras, teaching you how to clear blockages, activate and manifest through each of your energy centers. This course gives you informative lectures on each of the Chakras, articles, art therapy exercises, quizzes to identify where you’re strong and where you’re stuck, and meditations to help you unlock, unblock and activate your energy centers!
But to get you warmed up for the upcoming Masterclass, we’ll be offering 7 Live Webinars on each of the Chakras. The Webinars will be $35 and go toward continuing education credits for Creative Arts therapists. So go ahead and mark these dates down in your calendar!
Root Chakra: Wednesday, March 8th at 8pm EST
Sacral Chakra: Wednesday, March 22nd at 8pm EST
Solar Plexus Chakra: Wednesday, April 5th at 8pm EST
Heart Chakra: Wednesday, April 19th at 8pm EST
Throat Chakra: Wednesday, May 3rd at 8pm EST
Third Eye Chakra: Wednesday, May 17th at 8pm EST
Crown Chakra: Wednesday, May 31st at 8pm EST

To Register for our first Root Chakra Webinar Click HERE

I also wanted to let you know that I will be offering my popular, Manifestation class live for the last time. It's been such a hit that I'm turning this one into an online course, but will be offering it again for one last time in person. But act fast on tickets because space is super limited!

Manifesting Your Heart's Desire: Using Ritual to Materialize Your Dreams

Sunday, March 19th 4-6:30pm
City Wellness Collective
141 West 28th street, Suite #301
New York, NY 10011