17 Tips for Living a More Spiritual Life

As featured in Sarah Petruno Shamanism

By Sarah Petruno, Shamana

My quest to demystify shamanism and shine a light on this incredibly powerful healing modality cannot be done alone. In shattering stereotypes and releasing fear of what it means to be a shaman and what it means to see a shaman, we needed a community. We need shamans and healers to shine their light and help to show the world what it can mean for each person.  

Each light. Each practice. Each soul extending the healing hand to another. 

I reached out to over 100 shamans, spiritual healers, curanderos, and shamanic practitioners of all walks and I asked them one question, 

"What tip would you give for leading a more sacred, enlightened life?"

These are their answers. These are their lights. 

17 Tips for Creating a Daily Spiritual Practice 

from Shamans Across the Country



"Understanding your connection and oneness is a very important part of living a more enlightened life. 

If you believe that you can actually be separate from the world, then you become cut off from the world. Separation is a convincing illusion that tells you the outer surface of things is the real thing. It is also a gift that allows you to experience life as an individual.  Belief that separation is real, rather than a perception, creates several types of problems:

1. If you are not connected to the world around you, then you do not have to treat it well.  The people or places around you have nothing to do with you.

2. Because you are separate, you have to do everything yourself.  That belief cuts you off from resources that might otherwise flow into your life, turning your belief in to reality. 

3. If you can be separate from the world you can be less than other people.  You forget that you are an infinite being of light living with other infinite beings of light."

- Lauren Torres, Shamanic Healer and Teacher, Chicagoland, IL USA



"Connect with your inner joy and wisdom. Find and develop a spiritual practice to consciously connect with your soul's joy and wisdom, and with the joy and wisdom of All That Is. It might be shamanic journeying, meditating, spending quality time in nature, writing or painting or singing - there are so many ways to connect. The important thing though is to find what makes your heart sing, and to spend time doing it on a regular basis."

- Lynda Skeen, Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, Hollywood, CA USA
Also occassionally working at a distance



"It is so easy to lose ourselves in the chaos and busyness of the world as well as in an agenda that is not our own truth.  I’ve found that is it essential to explore practices and tools that support us in becoming conscious of the bigger picture — of the shamanic perspective that everything is alive, has meaning and is interconnected through the web of life. The challenge is to remember and stay awake; and so a commitment is required of those who wish to live a more enlightened life on earth.  That’s not saying we need to be a Buddha or a Jesus, but simply that our hearts, minds and spirits are open to the beauty of life and the path that is unfolding for us in each and every moment.  It’s that simple!"

Beth Shekinah Terrence, Shaman, Maryland/Washington, DC area USA
Also working at a distance



"An enlightened life is a life that is lived in balance with the world around us. It is a life that is lived with the understanding that we are energetic beings who have chosen to have a physical experience. We need to truly believe this within our hearts. We need to have a clear understanding that we chose to be here (we are in control) to learn and experience all the wonderful and not so wonderful things of having a physical body and all the limitations that come with it. Once we come to this realization many of our views change and everything else starts falling into place. You instinctively start following your true life’s purpose and you start enjoying and appreciating your life’s journey a lot more."

Monica Tyler, Shamanic Practitioner and Educator, USA
Also working at a distance



"Spiritual life is a habit that you cultivate daily until it becomes a habit. First thing in the morning connect with your higher power in your way be it prayer, song or meditation. Reading something inspiring to focus on during your day. Be in a state of thankfulness for all that you are greeted with that day, knowing it was chosen for your growth. In the evening sit and review your day and give thanks for another experience." 

Francisco E. Alvarez, Curandero, Fresno, CA USA
Also working at a distance



"Find ways of engaging in life that increase vitality, joy, and spiritual alignment that don’t rely on additional self-discipline. After all, adding one more “should” to your already full list can activate an internal tantrum. Instead, dance around your house for the joy of movement or savor healthy food that creates sensual delight. For more enlightenment, find ways to entice yourself into greater joyful embodiment."

Katie Weatherup, Shamanic Practitioner and Author, San Diego, CA USA
Also working at a distance



"Whenever I am feeling uncomfortable with a life challenge, I find it incredibly helpful to turn to the Earth. I may stand barefoot for 15-20 minutes and breathe, or crouch down and place my forehead on the ground to connect my mind with greater Earth wisdom. I also create Earth paintings to represent my life challenge, and work through it using tangible objects like leaves, stones, and sticks. I invite the greater Earth consciousness to inform me, and I am always nurtured gently through my challenge."

Kerri Hummingbird, Shamanic Energy Practitioner, Austin, Texas USA
Also working at a distance



"Realize that Spirit is all around us, and even within us, so connect with it. See the Spirit in others and in all of nature; nurture it and let it become part of you, too. Deepen your spiritual awareness through practice and it will deepen you."

Dwight Harriman, Shaman, Atlanta, GA USA
Also working at a distance



“Miracles occur when two people realize that there is no separation between them. In that moment, love flows freely and their true reality becomes known. Their perfectness is acknowledged and they are released from the illusion of fear, pain and illness.”

- From the Book, "Shaman Stone Soup"
Shaman Elizabeth Herrera



"Remember yourself as a reflection of Divine love that is intimately connected to every other energy in the universe. Strive to live from a place of gratitude. Practice Anyi, or sacred reciprocity. Look to nature and know that you are inherently perfect. Dissolve in the comfort that you are loved, safe, whole, and free."

Rev. Lisa Wiggins, PhD, Shamanic Practitioner, Roswell, GA USA
Also working at a distance



"Allowing the unfolding."

Amaris, Spiritual Teacher, Curandera Shaman, Dallas, Texas USA
Contact: (817) 734-1021



"Trust yourself and trust that the universe gives you every lesson, sign and opportunity you need to experience. Don't be afraid to ask the universe for help or to ask questions when you feel stuck. When you ask beyond yourself, the universe will answer through nature, interactions with others, conversations you are in or overhear, artwork, subway billboards, maybe even in a line from a song you tune into on the radio. When you are willing to ask and receive, magic will show up in the strangest places and synchronicities will appear to show you just what you need. Believe in magic and trust that when you call it in, it will reveal itself to you in all of it's wacky splendor."

- Kristen Boyer, Shamanic Psychologist, New York, NY
Also working at a distance



"Slow down, and go inward. Treasure the moments when you can be still. Stop the momentum of the noise around and inside you (your thoughts) and listen deeper. Start each morning with a few deep breaths, eyes closed. Then, put your hand on your heart and breathe in through your chest front, out through your back. Feel your heart beating and be fully present with this feeling. And then ask: “Who am I choosing to be now?” Repeat that question several times, and listen deeply, allowing your intention to arise from a deeper place, whatever it is in that moment. Then, during your day, carve some time when you can slow down. Pause when you feel lost in the busyness of your life. Reconnect with your breath in your body, and your intention. Allow yourself to live from that part in you that is already perfect and whole, your soul, with its infinite wisdom. Nobody will ever teach you what is already in you. And nobody can replace you having your own experience of the divine as it uniquely expresses itself through you."

-Beatrice Pouligny, PhD, Shamanic Healer, Spiritual Mentor and International PeacebuilderWashington, DC
Also working internationally and at a distance



"For leading a more enlightened life, connect with your inner light, your inner spark. Get to know what illuminates or dims your light and choose to reside in energies that brighten your inner light. Shine from within, filling yourself up, and then shine outwardly. Be aware especially of your self talk, thoughts, beliefs, paradigms, etc. as these energies are always with you, having the most influence over your inner light, and you and only you have the power to chose what lives or dies inside of you."

- Tracy Shulsinger, Shamanic Practitioner and Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner, Boulder, CO USA
Also working at a distance



"Enlightenment comes when one raises their vibration high enough to receive knowledge and guidance from Source.  There are multiple ways to raise vibration including (but not limited to) meditation, singing, chanting, affirmations, mantras, yoga/exercise, sitting outside, breathwork, healthy eating habits, laughing and performing expressions of love or selfless acts of kindness. Find what works for you and do it every day!"

Charmaine Singletary PT, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Wauwatosa, WI USA
Also working at a distance



"Love! The Universe responds to love. Come from a place of pure, energetic love in everything you do or say. When you start with love, everything else flows. Joy, forgiveness and compassion - the hallmarks of enlightenment - are all natural outputs from love."

Jennifer Monahan, Shamanic Practitioner, USA
Also working at a distance

. . . and finally, my tip for living a more enlightened life! 



"Start paying attention. Notice how your interactions with others, near and far, and with yourself, change how you feel. Do you have a stomachache when you didn't earlier? Do you feel happier than before? When you start noticing these changes in yourself, you become witness to the profound effect that all types of energy can have on your well being. Practicing self awareness will open your eyes and allow you make more conscious choices every day towards living an enlightened life."

- Sarah Petruno, Shamana, California, USA
Also working at a distance

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