Creativity: Cosmic Star Seed

Today I was guided to honor myself by taking a large chunk of the afternoon out to be creative and to express myself. I felt the surge of creation flow though me in a way that I had almost forgotten. I had buried myself in scientific research and proposal writing, training myself to speak a foreign tongue for the last few months in a laborious attempt to birth a scientific study. I realized that I had lost some of my joy in natural creative flow to the rigorous languages and formatting of proposal writing. When flow is moving through, life is much easier- and I had disconnected from my source. I needed to return back to revitalize my soul.

New visions flowed through me during my reconnection, new project ideas and workshop proposals poured out, along with a beautiful soul song. It was channeled through from beyond and I'd like to share it with you too!

Before I was given the song I was given a spirit name. It's as if I had been waiting for some Mayan elder to come forth and bestow on me a spirit name like some of my other teachers, but instead-- as it has often been my own process-- I received it in a vision during a journey. Sekhmet, Egyptian goddess of war, healing, and the sun appeared to me and showed me that my gift is that of the cosmic seed. I have come to spread cosmic truth through teaching and writing channeled information from spirit. Sekhmet showed me that with my channeled teachings I will plant a cosmic seed within the receiver. Spirit will aid with sunshine, water and nourishment in divine timing, but that the seed planted is a crucial, gentle, yet powerful step for spirit to work. I stand in gratitude for receiving such a beautiful name. With the name, I channeled a song that I call, Seeds Blowing on the Breeze.

Kristen Von FoxxComment